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Word Study, M9U1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Word Study, M9U1

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Word Study, M9U1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Word Study, M9U1

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  1. Word Study, M9U1

  2. to protect (a person, place, etc) • from harm ,danger or an attack on • d_______ [vt.] efend defend sb/oneself against 保卫; 抵抗 defend sb/ sth, oneself from 保护, 保卫(使不受伤害)

  3. 1)When the dog attacked him, he picked up a stone to defend himself. 2)We defend our country against enemies. 3)The law defends people from injustice.

  4. 辩解,辩白 4)He’s trying to defendhimself againstthe critics. 5) He will defend his title next month. 6) The mayor intends to defend his seat in the next election. 7) He has employed one of the city’s top lawyers to defend him. 打卫冕赛 (法律)辩护

  5. defence / defense n. ( in defence of) defendant n.被告人 defender n.守卫者;后卫 defensive adj.防御的;戒备的;防守的 on/ onto the defensive (n.) 处于防御姿态/ 戒备状态/采取守势 defensible adj. 可辩解的;可防御的

  6. Moscow, which relies heavily on nuclear weapons for its defense because of the poor state of its conven-tional weapons, opposes the anti-missile system as a threat to its security. It dismisses US arguments that the system is directed only at Iran,saying it could also be used against Russia. (China Daily; 09-7-6)

  7. defend; protect; guard 这三个词都有“保护、使安全”的意思,也都可用于defend / protect / guard ... against / from ... 结构中。 defend:指“保卫,防卫,防御”,使用范围广,对象可以是具体事物,也可以是抽象事物;

  8. guard:强调注意观察、留心守望、戒备,以免受到可能的攻击或伤害;guard:强调注意观察、留心守望、戒备,以免受到可能的攻击或伤害; protect:强调保护……以免受到危险或伤害等。

  9. Can you defend yourself 根据提示完成下列句子。 1). _____________________ (你能否自卫) if you are attacked in the street? 2). They__________________________ ________________ (看守着房子, 防止陌生人进入). guarded the house against / from strangers

  10. should learn to protect themselves 根据提示完成下列句子。 3). Everyone ____________________ __________(应该学会保护自己) against any possible danger.

  11. 2. having a plentiful supply (of) a________ [adj.] bundant an abundant harvest 丰收 an abundant year 丰年 be abundant/rich in 富于...;...很丰富 中国天然资源丰富。 China is abundant in natural resources.

  12. discover the position, situation; find; to situate or place l____ [v.] ocate 1)After I retire I'm going to locate in California. 确定...的地点 /范围/位置;找到,查明;设于,位于,定居

  13. 2)The company located its branch office in the suburbs. 3)Our school is located by Xiangjiang River / in the west part of Changsha.

  14. _____ in the heart of Toronto is the Canadian National Tower, which is often called the CN Towere for short. A. Locate B. To locate C. Located D. Having located

  15. 4. to settle (a dispute) by making concessions(妥协、让步) c_________ [v./n.] ompromise • be compromised by • 被...危害[连累] • compromise (with sb) on sth • 在...方面同...妥协 • make/ reach a compromise 达成妥协

  16. I wanted to go to Greece, and my • wife wanted to go to Spain, so we • compromised on Italy. • 2)The minister was compromised by • his association with the riot in • Xin Jiang.

  17. 3) After three rounds of negociations, the two sides reached a compromise. 4) Most wage claim are settled by compromise. 5) This coat is the best compromisebetween price and quality.

  18. ound 5. sure; certainb_____ [adj.] • 一定的;受约束的,有义务的;因- - -受阻(构成合成词);准备前往某地(可构成合成词) • He stayed in the fogbound airport. • This is a plane bound for Beijing. • I saw a ship northbound.

  19. be bound to do/ be sth • 必定, 一定 • be bound up in sth • 忙于,热衷于 • be bound up with sth • 与...有密切联系; 与...利益一致 • be bound together by/ in sth • 因/在- - - 方面密切联系

  20. 1)She is bound to find out the truth. 2)You are not legally bound to answer these questions. 3)She is bound up in her own problems. 4)His future is closely bound up with that of the company.与…相关 有义务的;受到约束的; 理应…的

  21. 6. liking sth or sb better than another p_______ [U/C.] reference have a preference for偏爱 give a preference to 优待 in preference to优先于;胜过;而不是 1)He has a preference for poems. 2)He chose China in preference to Japan. 3)Preference will be given to those experienced workers.

  22. 7. to take up (a certain amount of time or space) o_______ [vt.] ccupy • occupy oneself with sth • occupy oneself in doing sth • 从事于..., 忙于..., 专心于... • be occupiedin doing sth/ with sth

  23. 1)那孩子只顾着吹笛子。 The child occupied himself in playing his flute. 2)Tim is occupying himself with some trifles. Tim正忙于一些琐屑小事。  occupation [n.]

  24. 8. owe[v.] 1)I owe him $10 / owe$10 to him for the book. 欠债 2)He owes his hard work his success / owes his success to his hard work. 归功于 3)I oweyou a favour /owe a favour to you. 欠(情)

  25. 9. having value, worth ; deserving w_______ [adj.] orthy be worthy of sth be worthy of being done be worthy to be done be worth sth be worth doing sth

  26. 这件衣服值得买。 This coat is worthy ____________. ____________. This coat is worth _________. of being bought to be bought buying

  27. Ⅰ. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。 1. The h________ agreed to take us to go hunting the next day at last. 2. Everyone in our class had two s_____ of paper to draw on. 3. Tonight’s low temperatures could reach m____ twenty degrees in some areas. hunter(s) sheets minus

  28. 4. The prison was ordered to tighten s______ after a prisoner escaped yesterday. 5. The boy could not g____ what the man was saying and asked him to say it again. security grasp

  29. Ⅱ. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 1. The plane will be landing in ____________ (approximate) half an hour. 2. After the __________ (settle) of our differences, we became friends. 3. It requires great ________ (patient) to make the naughty boy know what good behavior is. approximately settlement patience

  30. 4. I don’t agree with everything in your plan, for it has strengths and__________ (weak). 5. As a child I was always aware of my parents’ ________ (devote) to each other. weaknesses devotion

  31. Homework: