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The Core of Your Argument

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The Core of Your Argument. Reporting Evidence. Prof. Q. Video. Weight Your Burden of Evidence. What kind of evidence will your reader expect? How strongly will your readers resist your claim?

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the core of your argument

The Core of Your Argument

Reporting Evidence

Prof. Q


weight your burden of evidence
Weight Your Burden of Evidence

What kind of evidence will your reader expect?

How strongly will your readers resist your claim?

How fully do you want your reader to accept your claim?

the four maxims of quality
The Four Maxims of Quality

Is your report of evidence accurate?

Is your report of evidence precise enough?

Is the evidence you report representative?

Is your report of evidence from reliable sources?

how to figure out if your sources are reliable
How to Figure Out if Your Sources are Reliable

Currency – Is it recent?

Reputation – Is it reputable?

Disinterestedness – Are there stakeholders?

Level of Source – How close to the source information is your report?

about evidence and audience
About Evidence and Audience

You need to know your audience.

Your type of audience will determine what type of evidence you will use.

You need to consider the type of evidence the naysayer will use.

Some individuals might feel that evidence which agrees with their views are correct, and that if asked to justify their evidence they might feel insulted.


P. 192 ex. 2, 4

reliability of evidence
Reliability of Evidence
  • Reports of Memories
  • Anecdotes (Memories for Public Consumption)
  • Reports from Authorities
  • Visual Reports
    • Photographs
    • Drawings
    • Recordings
  • Visual Representations of Data
video vs debunking
Video vs Debunking

reliability of evidence everything is an argument spin
Reliability of Evidence Everything is an Argument Spin

Reports of Memories – Our mind shapes them into a story influenced by beliefs.

Anecdotes (Memories for Public Consumption) – We impose on them further.

Reports from Authorities – May sometimes be biased or have agendas.

Visual Reports – They are never objective and can be doctored.

Visual Representations of Data – Can be represented in different ways and be given ‘spins’.

when presenting your evidence
When Presenting Your Evidence
  • Decide what kind of evidence your reader will expect.
  • Weight the cost of the search vs the value of the evidence.
  • Decide on the most likely source of evidence.
    • Libraries
    • Internet
    • People
    • Direct observation
  • Sample the evidence
  • Take stock as the evidence mounts.

In pairs:

Read the essay on P. 172..

Identify the types of evidence used.

Explain whether you think the evidence works or not and why.