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Other Beverages

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Other Beverages
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Other Beverages

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  1. Other Beverages • Chin Chow Drink • Grass Jelly Drink

  2. Other Beverages • Bandung • Rose Syrup with Condensed Milk

  3. Other Beverages • Soya Bean Milk

  4. Other Beverages • Milo Dinosaur • conventional Milo served with lots of Milo powder on top

  5. Other Beverages • Horlicks Dinosaur • conventional Horlicks served with lots of Horlicks powder on top

  6. Other Beverages • Sugar Cane Juice

  7. Kopitiam Language Food

  8. Chinese Food

  9. Chinese Food • Bak-Kut Teh • pork-rib soup made with a variety of Chinese herbs and spices

  10. Chinese Food • Bak Chang • savory rice dumplings, usually pork (bak) filled alongside mushrooms and salted egg yolk, steamed in bamboo leaves

  11. Chinese Food • Bak Chor Mee • noodles with minced pork or chicken and other ingredients, served dry or with soup. Usually the flat, tape-like mee pok noodle is used

  12. Chinese Food • Ban Mian • hand-made flat noodles served with vegetables, minced meat, sliced mushrooms and an egg in an ikan bilis-based soup

  13. Chinese Food • Chai Tow Kway • diced and stir-fried radish with an egg mixture.

  14. Chinese Food • Char Kway Teow • thick, flat rice flour (kuay teow) noodles stir-fried in dark soy sauce with prawns, eggs, beansprouts, fish cake, cockles, green leafy vegetables, Chinese sausage and some lard.

  15. Chinese Food • Char Siew Rice • Cantonese dish of rice served with barbecued pork in a thick sauce.

  16. Chinese Food • Chee Cheong Fun • a thick, flat sheet of steamed-rice flour which is made into rolls, sometimes with a pork, chicken or vegetable filling. It is served with a sweet soy bean sauce

  17. Chinese Food • Chok • Cantonese rice porridge in various flavours including chicken and pork, often served with ikan bilis and either sliced century egg or fresh egg.

  18. Chinese Food • Chee Kway • steamed rice cake topped with preserved radish; usually eaten for breakfast.

  19. Chinese Food • Claypot Chicken Rice • rice cooked with soy sauce in a claypot, then topped with braised chicken and Chinese sausage. It may also include salted fish and is often enjoyed when the rice at the bottom is charred

  20. Chinese Food • Curry Chicken Noodles • yellow egg noodles in chicken curry

  21. Chinese Food • Drunken Prawns • prawns cooked with Chinese rice wine

  22. Chinese Food • Duck Rice • braised duck with rice cooked with yam and shrimps or it can simply be served with plain white rice, served with a thick dark sauce

  23. Chinese Food • Egg Tarts • Cantonese pastry of yellow egg custard baked in a pastry shell. Commonly served at Dim Sum and popular seller at bakeries.

  24. Chinese Food • Fish-head Bee Hoon • a kind of noodle soup in which the main ingredients are rice vermicell and fried fish head (separated into chunks). This dish is notable for the creamy, rich soup, which is typically made using a mixture of fish stock and milk – the latter being an uncommon ingredient in Chinese cuisine.

  25. Chinese Food • Fried Rice • Day-old rice is fried with various meat chunks and vegetables, along with eggs

  26. Chinese Food • Hainanese Chicken Rice • flavorful steamed chicken served with rice cooked in chicken stock. Normally eaten with chili sauce, dark soy sauce, and ginger paste. A common variation is using roast chicken instead.

  27. Chinese Food • Hae Mee • yellow egg noodles in a rich broth made from prawn and pork rib stock, topped with whole or sliced fresh boiled prawns.

  28. Chinese Food • Hokkien Mee • rice vermicelli and yellow noodles fried with shrimp, sliced cuttlefish and lard bits.

  29. Chinese Food • Hor Fun • flat rice noodles in gravy often served with fish or prawns. A common variation is using beef instead

  30. Chinese Food • Hum Chim Peng • deep-fried Chinese bun-like pastry sometimes filled with bean paste.

  31. Chinese Food • Kaya Toast • a traditional breakfast dish. Kaya is a sweet coconut and egg jam, and this is spread over toasted bread.

  32. Chinese Food • Kway Chap • Teochew dish of flat, broad rice sheets in a soup made with dark soy sauce, served with pig offal, braised duck meat, various kinds of beancurd, preserved salted vegetables, and braised hard-boiled eggs.

  33. Chinese Food • Lor Mee • a Hokkien noodle dish served in a viscous, dark soy sauce-based broth with meat roll slices, fishcake and beansprouts.

  34. Chinese Food • Ngoh Hiang • a food composed of combining various vegetables, seafood and/or meats

  35. Chinese Food • Oyster Omelette • oysters fried with a special flour-and-egg mixture

  36. Chinese Food • Pau • steamed bun with wide assortment of fillings such as char siew, minced pork, red bean paste, lotus paste or vegetables

  37. Chinese Food • Pig’s Organ Soup • a soup-based variant of kway chap

  38. Chinese Food • Popiah • Hokkien/Chaozhou-style spring roll or rolled crepe, stuffed with stewed turnip, Chinese sausage, shrimps and lettuce

  39. Chinese Food • Rojak • a vegetable salad with a topping of dark prawn paste

  40. Chinese Food • Soon Kway • a white vegetable dumpling with savoury sauce

  41. Chinese Food • Vegetarian Bee Hoon • thin braised rice vermicelli to which a choice of various gluten, vegetable, or tofu-based delicacies may be added.

  42. Chinese Food • Wanton Mee • yellow noodles with chicken or pork or prawn dumplings. Often served with slices of barbecued meat

  43. Chinese Food • Yong Tau Foo • variety of vegetables stuffed with fish and meat paste cooked in a light ikan bilis-based soup. May also be eaten "dry" with sweet bean and chili sauces

  44. Chinese Food • You Tiao • fried dough crullers

  45. Chinese Food • Yu Sheng • raw fish salad traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year

  46. Malay Food

  47. Malay Food • Acar • pickled vegetables and/or fruits with dried chilli, peanuts, and spices

  48. Malay Food • Agar Agar • agar extracted from seaweed that is usually moulded into a jelly-like cake, sometimes with layers and colourings, and in various shapes.

  49. Malay Food • Ayam Goreng • Fried Chicken

  50. Malay Food • Ayam Bakar • grilled chicken with spices