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Powerful Tools for Profitability and Protection

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Powerful Tools for Profitability and Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Powerful Tools for Profitability and Protection. Is HR That Works for me?. Stop this presentation if you have NEVER…. Made a poor hiring decision Had a problem with losing good employees Been confused by the ADA, FMLA, FLSA, or other regulations

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Presentation Transcript
is hr that works for me
Is HR That Works for me?

Stop this presentation if you have NEVER…

  • Made a poor hiring decision
  • Had a problem with losing good employees
  • Been confused by the ADA, FMLA, FLSA, or other regulations
  • Had to consult with an employment law attorney
  • Struggled to create an employee handbook or implement a policy
  • Faced the stress of terminating an employee
  • Were asked an HR question you couldn’t answer, or
  • Managed a ridiculous employee drama!

But just in case you have…

hr that works is the answer
HR That Works is the Answer!

Built specifically for companies with 15 to 500 employees, its powerful strategies and tools will help you:

  • Hire great employees
  • Keep great employees
  • Motivate them to be more productive
  • Make smart discipline and termination decisions
  • Create clear, consistent, legal employment policies & procedures
  • Reduce your exposure to disastrous lawsuits
  • Protect company assets, and, most importantly...
  • Improve your bottom line!
hr that works is not just a library
HR That Works is not just a Library

Think of it as a tool box, with the critical information you need for the HR challenges you face every day.

Let’s look at some of its most valuable features:

compliance culture newsletter
Compliance & Culture Newsletter

Each month, you and your management team will receive the Compliance & Culture ezine, written by HR That Works president Don Phin and our partners. You can also listen to it on your MP3 player.

monthly webinars
Monthly Webinars

You are invited to join our Webinars with leading legal, leadership and HR experts for lively and practical discussions of the hot-button issues in today’s workplace.

monthly webinars7
Monthly Webinars

You can also listen to and download audio and video recordings of past webinars at any time.

All live attendees can receive HRCI credit too!

compliance productivity audit
Compliance & Productivity Audit

Here you’ll find the critical questions every employer needs to ask to make sure they have their HR act together.

Complete it all at once, or one section at a time.

compliance productivity audit9
Compliance & Productivity Audit

When you’ve finished, you’ll be presented with the “best practices” for each issue raised, as well as links to specific tools you need to use.

You can also create your own audits!

personnel forms
Personnel Forms

HR That Works includes 220+ checklists, policies, procedures and agreements you need to prevent claims, build productive employment relationships, and achieve bottom line results.

personnel forms11
Personnel Forms

All are available in Word and PDF formats and many include Spanish versions.

You can also use the Document Portal to upload your own documents (forms, handbooks, SOPs, etc.)

upload your company s hr documents
Upload Your Company’s HR Documents

The HR That Works 2.0 portal allows you to upload documents for all managers to see. Or you upload them to your private My Documents portal accessible 24/7.

employee handbook
Employee Handbook

If your employee handbook is a mix of material from different sources—or you don’t have one at all—you’re not alone.

With this easy-to-use tool you can create a complete and consistent handbook.

employee handbook14
Employee Handbook

Simply check the policies you would like included, then download your customized handbook, ready for personalizing and printing.

Click on a provision to see the sample text and commentary.

contract builder
Contract Builder

This valuable tool helps build an executive contract online. Similar to the Employee Handbook program, you can pick and choose the provisions that work best for you.

employee surveys
Employee Surveys

There is no substitute for creating a learning organization.

These surveys will produce incredible insight with bottom line results. You can even create your own surveys!

compliance and management quizzes
Compliance and Management Quizzes

The fact is, companies don’t get you sued-it’s poor managers that do. These quizzes let you know who “gets it” and who really needs some training. You can also create your own quizzes for hiring and training reasons!

special reports white papers
Special Reports & White Papers

More than 80 concise, practical reports summarize the nuts and bolts of personnel management and legal compliance.

You are invited to manipulate these materials for your internal use.

special reports white papers19
Special Reports & White Papers

Far from academic exercises, these reports explain how to implement each strategy at your company.

Then hyperlinks guide you to the documents and tools you need to get the job done.

media library
Media Library

HR That Works 2.0 contains a media library so you can easily access and download MP3s and videos of our newsletters, webinars, training programs, and podcasts. This is a great learning tool for all your managers!

training modules
Training Modules

We have more than a dozen excellent training modules. Subjects include hiring, retention, sexual harassment, productivity, FMLA, ADA, investigation, termination, wage and hour, and more!

training modules22
Training Modules

Each module contains an extensive report, PPT presentation, trainer’s notes, streaming video, handout, forms, quiz and an audit.

A great lunch-and-learn training tool for your managers!

victims villains and heroes program
Victims, Villains and Heroes Program

The greatest frustration of management is dealing with non-productive employee dramas. The unique Victims, Villains and Heroes program provides powerful insight and tools for eliminating this worn-out story. Read it, listen to it, or watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

hr department improvement plan
HR Department Improvement Plan

Great companies don’t happen by accident!

The HR Department Improvement Plan is a 40 step-by-step guide to building a powerful HR department and career!

hr department improvement plan25
HR Department Improvement Plan

Each step outlines who should be involved, how long it will take, and what tools you’ll need.

We encourage all companies to tackle at least one new HR challenge per month.

strategic hr tools
Strategic HR Tools

It should be the goal of every HR person to become a strategic partner to the company. Doing so will improve the company bottom line and your paycheck. Here are powerful tools to help make that happen!

strategic hr tools27
Strategic HR Tools

These tools will help you assess yourself and the company, think strategically, create a plan, and partner with your CEO. Can’t ask for much more than that!

state law summaries
State Law Summaries

Extensive summaries of what you need to know in any state prepared by our excellent partners, the Worklaw® Network.

hotline assistance
Hotline Assistance

Our HR hotline is skillfully answered by experienced employment law attorneys from our partner, the Worklaw® Network and HR That Works President, Don Phin.

hr that works is customizable
HR That Works is Customizable!

HR That Works gives you the ability to create your own surveys, quizzes, and audits!

You can add your logo and links.

Then you can provide access to up to 10 additional users at your company!

the cost of complacency
The Cost of Complacency

By now you’re thinking: “This sure does a lot of things and it all sounds great, but… “I’m busy right now…” “I don’t know…” The economy…” etc.

Really?Honestly?Ask yourself this question:

Are your HR practices helping you or hurting you?

How much has it already cost you to:

  • Hire the wrong employee? 25K? 50K? 100K? More?
  • Hire someone who leaves within a few months?
  • Lose employees, clients, and proprietary information along with a departing employee?
  • Fight off an employment practices lawsuit?
  • Leave productivity and opportunity on the table every day?
Contact [Name] at [Phone #] and ask how HR That Works can help you build powerful employment relationships and improve your bottom line.

Powerful Tools for Profitability and Protection