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Forest Hollow Swim Club

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Forest Hollow Swim Club

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  1. Forest Hollow Swim Club Pool Phone 703-750-9737 2008 Fees Due By May 3 WELCOME BACK! The Forest Hollow Swim Club board welcomes you for the 2008 summer swim season. Recently the board has been joined by Brian Wallace as club treasurer replacing Margaret Masters. The board wishes to thank Margaret for her time and efforts on behalf of Forest Hollow. As in the past several years, changes continue in both the facilities and the operations of our club. By opening day you will note that our parking lot has been repaved and sealed. We felt that it was time to make this needed improvement and circumstances allowed the project to be done at a favorable cost. We will continue to make various cosmetic changes to help improve our physical infrastructure. Financially, Forest Hollow remains stable while maintaining enough reserves to cover most contingencies that may occur during the summer. Nevertheless, the Board has chosen to make a major change in the way that we assess our annual fees. Several factors pushed us in this direction. First, the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 raised our 2007 operating expenses by nearly 10 percent. Additional increases scheduled to take effect in 2008 and 2009 will have similar impacts on our annual labor costs. Similarly, estimates of the revenues needed to continue our plans to maintain and improve the physical infrastructure pushed us in the direction of these changes. We also felt it was time to provide a measure of relief to our senior members, most of whom have been loyal, long term members with no children at home now. Charging them the same fees as a family of 5 seemed unreasonable. Finally, all of the preseason work over the last decade has been done by a handful of families. Many of these now have all of their children in college and beyond. In order to ensure that all of the necessary work is done and that the burden is shared equally, the board has chosen to impose an annual $50 maintenance fee. This year it will not be possible to work that fee off; we will revisit that issue in future years. (FYI: similar graduated fee schedules are already in place at Lincolnia Park, Sleepy Hollow Rec. and Annandale Swim Club. Overall, Forest Hollow’s fees under the new schedule are equal to or lower than theirs.) Finally, as always, we welcome an expression of interest from anyone who wishes to take on one of the Board positions, including president, vice president, and secretary. Brian Johnson Hours of Operation: MAY 24 - 25: 11AM - 9PM MAY 26: 11AM - 8PM MAY 27 - JUNE 16: MON - THURS - 3PM - 8PM FRI - 3PM - 9PM SAT - 11AM - 9PM SUN - 11AM - 8PM JUNE 17 - SEPT 1: 11AM - 9PM JULY 4: 11AM - 6PM SEPT 1: 11AM - 6PM Special Hours: SUN's - Adult Only Swim 9AM - 11AM SAT's - Noodle Night 6PM - 9PM Please Note: JUNE 14, 21, 28, JULY 19: Pool Opens @ Noon -after swim meet. JUNE 16, JULY 2, 7, 21: Pool Closes @ 4PM -to prepare for swim meet. More than 130 young people, representing more than a third of our member families, participate in swim team activities, encouraging not only healthy bodies but community spirit. All members are invited to come watch or volunteer in support of our swim team. Volunteer Pool Board: President - Brian Johnson 703-941-4992 Vice-President - Harriet Sopher 703-256-2836 Membership - Jonathan & Betty Jo Lash 571-481-1053 Secretary - Susan Labarca 703-642-1155 Treasurer - Brian Wallace 703-914-0750 Swim Team Reps - Nancy Jessen 703-624-2956 Mary Johnson 703-941-4992 Pool Operations - Allen Martin 703-642-6352 SCHOOL'S OUT PARTY June 17 Noon-3pm This is a fun time for all member kids to celebrate the beginning of summer. Guests of members are welcome @ $5.00 each. Hotdogs and drinks provided. Please bring a kid friendly dish to share. We are in looking for a few fun-loving people to organize parties for the pool. If you have a party spirit, find a couple of friends and offer to coordinate one of our social events. We need help planning the school’s out party and a mid-season party. Call Susan Labarca to get a party started. 703-642-1155.

  2. Dues for 2008 season: Shareholder Family of 4 or less $380 Family of 5 $390 Family of 6 or more $400 (A person’s a person no matter how small!) Senior single $225 Senior couple $250 (Senior is age 65 and up) Inactive Fee $50 Summer Member Family of 4 or less $450 Family of 5 $470 Family of 6 or more $480 ½ summer $350 (5/24-7/12 or 7/13-9/1) Late fee after May 3 $25 *2008 Maintenance Fee $50 for each Shareholder or Summer Member. (½ Summer Member is $25.00. ) For those families new to Forest Hollow this year who purchase a pool share, the Maintenance Fee is waived for 2008. One day guest passes for guests of members are $5.00 each. Membership: Jonathan and Betty Jo Lash are our membership chairpersons. Feel free to contact them regarding any membership questions. They can be reached by calling our membership phone number: 571-481-1053. Membership Policy Overview: Forest Hollow Swim Club is a non-profit corporation funded solely by its shareholders and the sale of summer memberships. To become a shareholder of FHSC you must obtain a pool share. Shares are available through the Board for $250 or from current members who wish to sell their share. Previous summer members may obtain a share from the board for a reduced rate of $200. There is a maximum of 300 shares available--summer memberships fill any vacancies. If FHSC reaches the maximum number of shareholders, no summer memberships will be available. To ensure your membership, become a FHSC shareholder. Our Membership Chair maintains a list of current members who wish to sell their share. The buyer and seller negotiate the price, which does not include annual dues. Please see the chart in the upper left box of this page for information on dues for 2008. Family means only those members of your permanenthousehold, living at the same address. (It does not include family living at a different address.) Shareholders who want to keep their share current but do not wish to use the facility this season are required to pay a $50 annual inactive fee. The 2008 Maintenance fee is not required for inactive shareholders. Please encourage your friends to join Forest Hollow Swim Club. A solid membership helps to keep down the cost of annual dues and allows us to maintain our facility to a high standard. Guest / Party Policies: Forest Hollow Swim Club welcomes the guests of its members. To ensure fairness and ease of implementation, every guest, including houseguests and out of town guests, is required to have a guest pass. These can be purchased individually at the front desk for $5.00, or in books of ten for $40.00. Guest passes do not have an expiration date, so if you have some left from previous years, they can still be used. Forest Hollow Swim Club members must accompany their guests while at the pool. Guests must be registered on the sign-in sheet at the front desk with an emergency phone number listed. Members of FHSC may use the facilities for private parties. All parties require prior approval. A guest list must be submitted one week in advance. Half of the pavilion may be used (4 tables). COST OF PARTIES: $10.00 RESERVATION FEE AND $5.00 PER NON-MEMBER GUEST. PARTIES OVER 25 REQUIRE ADDITIONAL LIFEGUARD FEES AND POOL BOARD APPROVAL. YOUR COST FOR ADDITIONAL LIFEGUARD FEES WILL BE BASED ON PARY SIZE. NOTIFY US EARLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOLD A PARTY OF OVER 25. Party reservation forms are available at the front desk. Please meet with the Pool Manager for your reservation. New Member Incentives If you buy a share from the pool board this season, you’ll receive $25 off on this season’s dues. Additionally, any Forest Hollow Swim Club member that gets a NEW MEMBER (not previously a summer member) to join and buy a share from the pool board will receive $25 back on their dues. Recruit a new family who joins as a full summer member, and you will receive 10 free guest passes for your good effort.