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Hollow Waveguides

Hollow Waveguides

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Hollow Waveguides

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  1. HollowWaveguides 光電100 F84966119 侯昕華

  2. Outline • Introduction • BasisofHollowWaveguides • StructuresofHollowWaveguides • Metal-TubeWaveguides • Plastic-Tubewaveguides • HollowGlassWaveguides • HollowWaveguideswithODR • Applications • References

  3. Introduction HollowWaveguides

  4. Introduction • The principle of total internal reflection, which operates in water stream, can be used for bringing the light to proper destination by a glass tube. • On this basis the light can be delivered by a fiber or by a hollow waveguide. • For the visible and low power level optical the fibers are a good solution for the delivery system.

  5. Introduction • The transmission of light through an ordinary glass fiber is limited by the spectral transmission of glass. It is not transparent in the UV region and in the infrared region. • The maximum energy transmitted through the fiber is determined by the air breakdown and by the damage threshold of the fiber front surface and the bulk. • And such waveguide structures suffer the fundamental limitations associated with light propagation through solids, such as dispersion, absorption, scattering and nonlinear effects.

  6. Introduction • A possible solution can be the fiber having its core formed by the air, i.e., hollow waveguides. • By using highly reflective walls in a hollow core, the light can be constrained to form a waveguide.

  7. BasisofHollowWaveguides HollowWaveguides

  8. BasisofHollowWaveguides • According to the effective index of refraction coefficient value the hollow waveguides can be grouped into two categories: • “Leaky” waveguides whose wall materials have refractive indices greater than one (nwall>1). • “Attenuated total reflectance ” (ATR) waveguides whose wall is composed of dielectric materials with refractive indices less than one in the wavelength region of interest (nwall<1).

  9. BasisofHollowWaveguides • The basis of hollow waveguides is a tube, which can be made of plastic, metal, special or ordinary glass or crystal.

  10. Structures ofHollow Waveguides Hollow Waveguides

  11. StructuresofHollowWaveguides • Metal-Tube Waveguides

  12. StructuresofHollowWaveguides • Plastic-Tube Waveguides

  13. StructuresofHollowWaveguides • Hollow Glass Waveguides

  14. StructuresofHollowWaveguides • Hollow Waveguides with Omni-Directional Reflector

  15. Applications Hollow Waveguides

  16. Applications • Applications of hollow waveguides fall into two broad categories: laser power delivery and fiber sensors. • The use of hollow glass or metallic waveguides to deliver laser power has largely been relegated to laser surgery where the required power is less than 100 W.

  17. Applications • As sensors, hollow waveguides are generally used either to transmit blackbody radiation for temperature measurements or as an active or passive link for chemical sensing. • The hollow waveguides may be used merely as a passive fiber link from the chemical processing area to a remote detector, or they may play a more active role in which the guide is filled with the gas to be sensed.

  18. References Hollow Waveguides

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