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Effective Teaching

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Effective Teaching - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Effective Teaching. Chap. 3. Effective Teaching. Often the characteristics of a good teacher are found to be based on personality or presage variables. Rosenshine & Furst and Flanders looked at behaviors of teachers that brought about student learning. Effective Teaching.

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Effective Teaching

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effective teaching2
Effective Teaching
  • Often the characteristics of a good teacher are found to be based on personality or presage variables.
  • Rosenshine & Furst and Flanders looked at behaviors of teachers that brought about student learning
effective teaching3
Effective Teaching
  • Rosenshine and Hunter looked at explicit teaching components that help students learn content
  • See Hunter’s components that apply to lesson planning and delivery of content
  • See also the six elements of the explicit teaching model
effective teaching4
Effective Teaching
  • Highly effective teachers will assist in the development of critical thinking by incorporating strategies for higher cognitive learning.
    • They understand that students’ abilities to think critically requires a progression of learning and thinking opportunities
effective teaching5
Effective Teaching
  • More effective teachers will utilize a constructivist approach to let student create new understandings
    • However, if teacher ed programs don’t provide sufficient depth of training, teachers may not be able to utilize constructivist teaching
      • Sound reminiscent to Siedentop??
effective teaching6
Effective Teaching
  • More effective teachers have high time on task so that students have opportunities to practice and learn
    • Engaged time should provide approx. 80% success rates
  • More effective teachers get students moving quickly by having a short presentation of content and then regroup to refine or modify the task.
  • Note Brophy’s Guidelines in Table 3.2
effective teaching7
Effective Teaching
  • Student praise is important to motivate students to learn
  • Feedback also needs to be specific and constructive in order for students to learn
    • There might be a need to collect data on feedback and praise to determine whether the classroom environment encourages students to learn and achieve
effective teaching8
Effective Teaching
  • Effective teachers are aware of their biases towards culture, race, gender, ethnicity and will work to treat and expect all students to learn and participate
effective teachers
Effective Teachers
  • Are good classroom managers. They have rules and procedures to cover situations in the classroom.
  • Have protocols to disburse and collect equipment to minimize waiting time and off-task behavior possibilities
effective teachers10
Effective Teachers
  • Clinical supervisors may need to facilitate the planning skills of teachers. Reflection on the goals and strategies to meet the goals may need to be developed. Avoid ‘telling’ the teacher what to do.
effective teachers11
Effective Teachers
  • Are able to implement curriculum change in order to progress the learning opportunities of students.
    • Clinical supervisors may want to ascertain concerns of teachers to the implementation of new curriculum and assist with transition to new curriculum
effective teachers12
Effective Teachers
  • Determine a set of questions that you might ask a teacher who is demonstrating behaviors considered to be less effective in the classroom. How would you conduct a conversation with the teacher?