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  1. Summary Sara's life is devoted to dance – she wants to get in New York famous school-the Julliard School. But after she loses her mother, her hopes are dashed and she buries her dreams. Sara moves to live with her father and changes to a different life. The new school she is in that she is the only white girl. She met Derek who loves to dance , he also taught her hip-hop and helped her accomplished her dream.

  2. Cast Sara Johnson by Julia Stiles she is a white girl who wants to be ballerina , but her dreamsare cut short by the sudden death of her mother. Sara blames herself for the accident, and at her new, mostly African American high school in Chicago, she's uncertain of her future

  3. Derek Reynolds by Sean Patrick Thomas He isa popular black student with a passion for hip-hop and a future brighter than his troubled past .Just like Sara, he also loves to dance, especially hip-hop. He taught Sara to dance. They combine hip-hop and ballet to a new style.

  4. Roy Johnson by Terry Kinney Sara’s once-estranged father. Heis doing his best to correct past mistakes. He loves Sara very much.. ChenilleReynolds by Kerry Washington Derek’s sister. Sheis a single mom struggling with her child's absentee father.The best friend of Sara.

  5. Quotes & Expressions Sara: Asshole. Chenille: Who? Cuz in this crowd you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific. Sara: That guy, sitting over there in the blue sweater. Chenille: Derek Reynolds? Sara: Oh, so you know him? Chenille: Hell ya, I know him, he's my brother. Sara: Well...he's not an assholepersay. Chenille: It's aiight, don't sweat it. asshole- someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total jerk. persay- also known as “per se”. a phrase that allows some flexibility in the topic at hand, so you can talk about something without being very specific aiight- alright. sweat- to worry about.

  6. Sara: Well goodnight, thanks. Derek: Is that a thanks like, I'd love to do it again or thanks like if you walk me home again I’ll bust a cap on your ass. bust a cap- to fire a gun. Nikki: It ain't over bitch. Sara: I don't know why it started, bitch. Nikki: It started because of you, WHITE girls like you, creepin up, takin our men, the whole world ain't enough, you gotta conquer ours too. Sara: Whatever, Nikki, Derek and I like each other, and if you have a problem with that, screw you. creepin- to cheat, or to steal. screw- if you are in big trouble, then you use it, or if you’re going to beat someone up or as a substitute for the “f word”.

  7. Malakai: You'll never look as good as she does wit’ him. They’re oil. You’re a milk. Ain't no point in tryin to mix. Chenille: Black people Sara, Black women. Derek is about somethin, he's smart he's motivated he's for real. He's not just gonna go make some babies and not take care of them or run the streets messin up his life. He's gonna make somethin of himself and here you come white so you gotta be right and you take one of the few decent men we have left after jail, drugs, and drive-by. That is what Nikki meant about you up in our world. messin up- to confuse, to harm. drive-by- a shooting performed by a gang-member in a slowly moving motor vehicle that then speeds away from the scene. Sara: Cool outfit. Chenille: No, slammin. It's slammin outfit. slammin- very good.

  8. Discussion • As a white girl in predominately black neighborhood , how can Sara conquer the tough situation, and then balance love with friendship? • Sometimes we have to face our trauma, take it and hand with it. Sara once have a dream of being a world-class ballerina, but gave up of it because of her mother’s tragic death.If you are Sara, what will you do ? • Do you have a dream ? Have you ever abandoned your original dream for some resistless reason ? If you have a dream, go for it.

  9. The End Thank you for your attention!