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Summary .

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Nick was looking to start a new life in Colorado Springs after loosing his Mom in a fire in Tampa. He was the so called “new kid” in town but gets right in to his new life. His new house is very clean until he goes to his attic. There he finds a big pile of junk. Nick, his dad, and brother decide to have a garage sale. Nick could not understand why everyone was comingand buying stuff, after all it was just junk. After the garage sale Nick and some of his new friends realize that the antique junk had extreme value. Nick figures out that the attic is a magnetic vortex. He also figures out that all the stuff was made by the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. He had to get the stuff back before it harmed other people, but how. Read Tesla’s Attic to figure out how Nick gets the items back.


Nick ----------- Main Character

Mitch-------------Friend who bought something at the garage sale

Caitlin------------Friend who is helping Nick solve it.

Nikola Tesla----------Scientist who's house Nick moved in to (Nikola Tesla worked with Thomas Edison (real life to). Nikola was a great inventor

Theo------------Enemy at first, but becomes friends with Nick later

Danny------Nick’s Brother