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Maury River Middle School

Maury River Middle School. In Pictures!. What Are The Maury River Middle School Colors?. Red, White, and Blue!. What is the MRMS Mascot?. The Buffalo The Wildcat The Rocket The Eagle The Bear. The Eagle, of course!!!!!. Learning Comes to Life!.

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Maury River Middle School

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  1. Maury River Middle School In Pictures!

  2. What Are The Maury River Middle School Colors?

  3. Red, White, and Blue!

  4. What is the MRMS Mascot? • The Buffalo • The Wildcat • The Rocket • The Eagle • The Bear The Eagle, of course!!!!!

  5. Learning Comes to Life! Found in the lower hallway, this map allows teachers to show students examples of what they’re learning on a large scale

  6. Learning Comes To Life! Glassware used in experiments in Mrs. Helmke’s Science class

  7. Learning Comes To Life! These timber cutters are used by 7th and 8th grade Technology students in making balsa bridges to support math and science SOLs

  8. Learning Comes To Life! A real gong from Mr. Mott’s Geography class

  9. Learning Comes To Life! Character is a big part of the Maury River experience. Students are encouraged to do the right thing in all parts of life. Picture goes here of a Character Education Poster from the school Hallway

  10. Student Participation The signature wall signed by students who took Rachel’s Challenge Picture goes here of Rachel’s Challenge Poster signed by the students of MRMS

  11. Student Participation Students bought these chains to show something nice someone else had done for them. Sponsored by the Friends of Rachel.

  12. Student Participation Students had a big part in selecting who they thought should win the Presidential Election in 2008! At right is a poster celebrating the victor, Barack Obama. Picture goes here of The Election of Barack Obama

  13. Student Participation All students had the opportunity this year to participate in a roller-skating exercise over several days thanks to the PE Grant!

  14. Student Participation The 8th Grade World Geography class made this topographical map to highlight what they learned this year.

  15. Some Interesting Scenes at MRMS

  16. Where are we?

  17. The Library!!!

  18. Where is this? The lower stairwell, as are all of the stairwells, are quite colorful and inviting!

  19. Where is this? Teachers and staff frequently add bulletin boards to enhance the school atmoshpere

  20. Where is this? The Eagle stained glass was donated to the school years ago and can be found in the main office!

  21. Where is this? Clocks around the school help keep us on time during the day!

  22. Where is this? Joining the 7th and 8th grade halls, the Handicapped-Accessible ramp is a unique area at MRMS

  23. Where is this?!?!? A View of the back of the school from the library

  24. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! We can’t wait to have you join us at MRMS next year! Make the most of things and GET INVOLVED!!!

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