warm up complex compound sentence review n.
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Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review

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Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review.

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Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review

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    1. Warm Up: Complex/ Compound Sentence Review Write one “Opener” sentence and one “compound” sentence. For the opener, use a preposition and circle it. For the “compound” use a coordinating conjunction and circle it. Make sure you label them. See my example below. Turn it in when you’re done, it’s for a grade. Since it’s Thanksgiving, write about what you’re grateful for… Opener sentence: During each class period, I am grateful that there are always students who make me laugh. Compound sentence: I am grateful that I get to be a teacher, but sometimes I wish there was night school.

    2. Reminders & Announcements! • Dialectical Journals are now late! They must be turned in today or they are too late to hand in. (High grade of a 70) • Act I Review are due today. Hand them in NOW or on Monday for a high grade of a 70 and that will be the last day to get them in. • When I pass them back, PLEASE hold on to them for your test. You can use them and they will help. • Also, be sure to download the study guide online and make sure you know the material in it. The Julius Caesar test will be on December 5th. Your in class persuasive essay will be on December 9th. (Note: No re-writes will be available for this essay).

    3. Today’s Agenda: • I realize this is a lot to get through… But… today we’re going to read all of Act II. • Act II, Scene I we will read as a class. Scene II in groups (there are 8 parts, so in groups of 4, but people need to double up) and Scenes 3 & 4 together. • Then, we will watch Act II. It is about 30 minutes long.