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Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion. BINGO. w/ SAT Vocabulary!. Assembled by Ms. Caitlin Hanzlick Teacher, SAT Prep, Stone Mountain H.S. Fall 2007. RULES:. Read each sentence. First figure out the meaning of the word that will fill in the blank.

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Sentence Completion

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  1. Sentence Completion BINGO w/ SAT Vocabulary! Assembled by Ms. Caitlin Hanzlick Teacher, SAT Prep, Stone Mountain H.S. Fall 2007

  2. RULES: • Read each sentence. • First figure out the meaning of the word that will fill in the blank. • Then look to see if a word in the corresponding BINGO column means the same as the word you came up with to fill in the blank.

  3. *IMPORTANT*Like the real SAT, this game is TIMED.You have exactly 1 minute for each sentence.

  4. GOOD LUCK!!

  5. She had --------------- talent when it came to basketball, as if she was born with the ability to dribble, shoot and score. G

  6. The --------------- of Beanie Babies stored in her basement is a little excessive. N

  7. The teacher provided a ------------ example to help the students better understand the concept. G

  8. Once I bought a Volkswagon, they suddenly seemed so ---------------; I couldn’t drive anywhere without seeing at least five! O

  9. There is no need to --------------- the importance of videogames; the bottom line is that they suck up a lot of time that could be better spent doing a number of other things, such as reading or exercising. O

  10. Someday technology may make door-to-door mail delivery seem -------, that is, as incongruous as pony express delivery would seem now. G

  11. College and university professors, who have read copious amounts of literature on their area of expertise, and it is precisely such --------------- that impresses students and earns their respect. B

  12. The student’s --------------- was shameful; to continue to lie when you’ve pretty much been caught red-handed is not good. O

  13. Although visitors initially may find touring the city by subway to be -------, they are pleased to discover that subways are an inexpensive and ------- way to get around. B

  14. The task was ---------------, both physically and mentally. O

  15. In All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes, author Maya Angelou uses ---------------, brief descriptive sketches, to provide a --------------- view of Ghana that clearly details the land and its people. B

  16. It is said that as a legal team Charles Houston and Thurgood Marshall complemented each other thoroughly: Houston’s sedate manner was ------- Marshall’s -------. B

  17. It must have taken a lot of ------------- for Ellen DeGeneres to come out and admit she is lesbian, especially at a time when people were not as accepting of gay women. N

  18. The student’s feelings about presenting the commencement address were -------; although visibly happy to have been chosen, he was nonetheless ------- about speaking in public. B

  19. In a society that abhors -------, the nonconformist is persistently -------. B

  20. Frank was confident that he had presented the most ------- plan possible, but in reality his proposals were just the opposite, neither practical nor useful enough to produce any worthwhile results. O

  21. Male ostriches are extremely -------: they can be perceived by the human eye at a distance of 900 meters. I

  22. Trinkets intended to have only ------- appeal can exist virtually forever in landfills because of the ------- of some plastics. B

  23. Dressed in full ---------------, the members of the Class of 2007 proceeded into the auditorium for the graduation ceremonies. N

  24. Last night my head was killing me, but I couldn’t find any aspirin to ----------the pain. B

  25. Jesses Jackson and Al Sharpton, both prone to expressing strongly held beliefs and opinions, are sometimes accused of being too ------. B

  26. The star student was also --------------- in athletics, especially basketball. I

  27. The interior design of the dormitories was far too --------------- for the college student’s colorful, kitschy, and eclectic style; inside it felt sterile and serious, not fun or exciting. N

  28. The audience was surprised the politician’s speech was so _______, for he is usually quite clear when speaking in public; today, however, he made no sense and his examples were wholly _______ in helping him prove a point. O

  29. You are so --------------- to believe it’s actually raining cats and dogs. I

  30. Social and racial injustices of the 1950’s and a lack of progress through nonviolence in the early 1960’s --------------- groups such as the Black Panthers to fight more --------------- for Civil Rights. N

  31. Her --------------- is really quite embarrassing; she really needs help when it comes to etiquette and social graces. O

  32. Because the pandas had already been weakened by disease and drought, a harsh winter would have had --------------- consequences for them. I

  33. The teachers who --------------- the high school dance tore --------------- any young couples who became too touchy-feeling. N

  34. Jean-Paul lived up to his --------------- as a --------------- of fine wine; indeed, the French merlot he recommended went well with the roasted duck. I

  35. Smoking marijuana can --------------- your brain’s ability to process information. N

  36. Any biographer of this playwright, who assumed an elaborate public facade in order to conceal private concerns, must examine the impulse behind such -------. B

  37. At the wedding reception the bride’s relatives were very ---------------, acting like they didn’t know the groom’s family or as if they thought more highly of themselves than their in-laws. I

  38. Gigi tried everything to get Tyler to like her, but he --------------- all of her advances for he simply was not interested. N

  39. The president’s policies on the war in Iraq, specifically his so-called “troop surge,” are --------------- with what many Americans want, which is the phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from tumultuous regions of the Middle East. I

  40. The --------------- saw the huge statue of the dictator as a symbol of the totalitarian --------------- and quickly tore it down. B

  41. Although the teenager did not look like he had been crying, the -----------tone of his voice made it clear he was ------------- the death of his mother. N

  42. The intoxicated bum was extremely ---------------, stuttering and slurring his words as he asked me for some change. I

  43. A long-standing theory about the migration of green turtles was ------- by an innovative marine biologist who graciously defused potential ------ by dedicating her work to the original researcher. O

  44. Good writers work to say as much as they can using as little words as possible, but there is a point at which a writer can be so concise as to be difficult or impossible to understand; --------------- writing is therefore an error to avoid. I

  45. The football player’s teacher bought a team --------------- at the game so she could look up the players’ numbers and positions. N

  46. I have an --------------- taste in music; my CD collection includes NWA, Destiny’s Child, Fall Out Boy, Johnny Cash and Nina Simone. N

  47. Senator Clinton has accused Borak Obama of being too ---------------; she mocks his hopeful idealism and alleged penchant for overlooking practical considerations. N

  48. The word “crunk” has been used by so many people so many times, it is now considered a -------------- expression. I

  49. His qualifications for the diplomatic job were _______, and as a result his nomination was confirmed, and he became the ambassador to the United Nations. O

  50. Although Hitler did terrible things to a lot of people, he was an extremely --------------- character, able to convince practically all of Germany to agree with him on very radical ideas about race and society. I

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