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Employee Recognition Training

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Employee Recognition Training. Revised June 2009. What Does It Mean To Reward?. Providing incentives to and recognizing employees, individually and as members of groups, for their performance and contributions to the agency’s mission. Where Can I Find Employee Recognition Guidance?.

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what does it mean to reward
What Does It Mean To Reward?
  • Providing incentives to and recognizing employees, individually and as members of groups, for their performance and contributions to the agency’s mission.
where can i find employee recognition guidance
Where Can I Find Employee Recognition Guidance?
  • USDA Guide for Employee Recognition,


  • Improved HRD website: www.afm.ars.usda.gov/hrd/awards/index.htm
what are the principles of recognition
What Are The Principles Of Recognition?
  • Be fair and equitable in the distribution of awards
  • Recognize specific achievements
  • Involve co-workers and customers in recognition decisions
  • Provide timely recognition
what are the principles of recognition continued
What Are The Principles Of Recognition ? (Continued)
  • Emphasize group recognition
  • Use non-monetary recognition
  • Publicly recognize employees
  • Publicize recognition
  • Budget for employee recognition locally
who is eligible to receive recognition
Who Is Eligible To Receive Recognition?
  • All employees are eligible for most types of recognition
  • Non-Federal persons are not eligible for monetary awards
  • Retired or separated Federal employees are eligible if contribution was made while employed (different rules apply for performance bonuses, please contact Performance Management Specialist)
what are the forms of employee recognition
What Are The Forms Of Employee Recognition?
  • Monetary Awards
  • Non-Monetary Awards
  • Length of Service Awards
  • Suggestion Awards
  • Special Awards Programs
monetary and non monetary awards
Monetary and Non-Monetary Awards
  • Refer to: www.afm.ars.usda.gov/hrd/awards/files/table-monetary-non-montary.pdf
length of service
Length of Service
  • Recognition given for length of Federal service
  • Certificates and pins are provided for 10, 20, 25, 30, 40+ years
  • NASS provides certificates only
  • Provided by HRD
suggestion award program
Suggestion Award Program
  • Recognition for improvement in the efficiency and economy of government operations
  • Evaluated by subject matter experts
  • May be adopted, referred for further study, or rejected
  • Monetary or non-monetary recognition is given to adopted suggestions
  • Performance and Awards Staff administers program and provides forms
special award programs
Special Award Programs
  • Organization specific
  • Agency specific
  • USDA
  • Government-wide
  • Public/Foundation Sponsored
  • Performance and Awards Staff announces most
who can nominate for an award
Who Can Nominate For An Award?
  • Supervisors
  • Co-workers or peers
  • Customers
  • Supervisory/Fund holder approval required
how is an award amount determined
How Is An Award Amount Determined?
  • Follow the Value and Benefits scales in the USDA Guide for Employee Recognition
  • Follow org policy
  • Consider past practice within the org
what documentation is required
What Documentation Is Required?
  • AD-287-2
  • Two levels of approval on AD-287-2
  • Written justification is required for all monetary awards, QSIs, and Time Off awards.
for assistance call the performance awards staff
For Assistance, Call The Performance & Awards Staff !!
  • Casandra Butler, Section Head (301) 504-1470
  • Theresa Bailey, HR Specialist - Performance (301) 504-1452
  • Mary Oxner, HR Specialist - Awards (301) 504-1368
  • Chevon Gibson, HR Specialist - Awards (301) 504-1552
  • Charlene Brown, HR Assistant (301) 504-1523
  • Suzanne Suchecki, HR Assistant (301) 504-1465
  • Christina Voland, OA Assistant (301) 504-1464
  • Address: GWCC, 5601 Sunnyside Ave., Room 3-1282D, Beltsville, MD 20705-5107