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Employee Recognition PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

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Employee Recognition

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  1. Employee Recognition Tina L. Chaffin Collin County Sheriff’s Office, Dispatcher April 30, 2010

  2. “Compensation is a right; recognition is a gift.”-Rosabeth Moss KanterAuthor and Management Consultant

  3. Why is recognition important? • Dispatchers feel they have a thankless job • If we don’t recognize ourselves and our coworkers, nobody will • Many times recognition programs already in place do not consider our job above and beyond

  4. Where do we start? • Create a departmental employee recognition team • Develop goals of the program • Brainstorm ideas to get other dispatchers excited and willing to participate • Put out a survey to dispatchers asking what they would be interested in

  5. How can we recognize our dispatchers without funds? • Hold holiday bake sales • Sell snacks and drinks in the break room • Look for low cost or no cost ways of recognition • Ask employees to chip in • Ask the police association or citizens on patrol alumni for donations

  6. The 10 Best Ways to Reward Good Work • Money • Recognition • Time Off • A Piece of the Action • Favorite Work • Advancement • Freedom • Personal Growth • Fun • Prizes -Michael LeBoueuf The Greatest Management Principal in the World

  7. RecognitionOne-Minute Praising • Tell people up front you are going to let them know how they are doing. • Praise people immediately. • Tell people what they did right-be specific. • Tell people how you feel about what they did right and how it helps the organization and the other people who work there. • Encourage them to do more of the same. -Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, Adapted from The One Minute Manager

  8. No-Cost Recognition • Call an employee into your office just to thank them • Name a continuing recognition award after an outstanding employee • Leave a post it note at the employee’s work space thanking them! • Create an “atta-boy” to display in dispatch Thanks for all your hard work!! -Bob Nelson 1001 Ways to Reward Employees

  9. No-Cost Recognition • Create a “thank-you” note for your dispatch center • Encourage employees to use it • Print out multiple notes and leave them in a common area -Bob Nelson 1001 Ways to Reward Employees

  10. Low Cost Rewards • Roll of Lifesavers for that “lifesaving” action • A soft drink for employee too busy to stop in the cafeteria • Baseball tickets for an employee that “hit a grand slam” • Free Lunch Certificate for the employee who worked through lunch • Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies for the employee that stayed late every night this week to take to their family

  11. Brainstorm: Low Cost Rewards • Share an idea your department has used • How was it received? • What other ideas can you think of?

  12. Easy Office Morale Boosters • Order pizza, a sub, or cater in from a restaurant for your staff • Design a bulletin board for jokes, funny pictures, cartoons • Have an “employee of the month” • Attach a funny cartoon to memos • Schedule a staff meeting off site -Bob Nelson 1001 Ways to Reward Employees

  13. Easy Office Morale Boosters • Schedule an Ugly Tie or Silly Socks Day • Hold pools on high profile events, Oscars, Emmy Awards, Super Bowl • Take candid Polaroid pictures • Have a sundae party • Have a party for no reason at all Smile, You’re on Candid Camera! -Bob Nelson 1001 Ways to Reward Employees

  14. Easy Office Morale Boosters • Create a certificate for released trainees, have everyone sign it, with a word of advice • On Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day, acknowledge the mothers and fathers with a small gift • Invite family members to holiday potlucks

  15. Create a Newsletter • Can be sent electronically, no cost • Include an, Employee Profile each month • Have a spot for important announcements • Spotlight an employee who did a great job • Promote activities • Include a puzzle for a small prize

  16. Above and Beyond Tuition Reimbursement • Pay membership dues for a professional organization employee is interested in • Send employee to seminars, workshops for topics they show interest in • Pay fee for employees to go to a Parks and Rec Course they are interested in

  17. Conference Lottery • Many times agencies only allow supervisors to attend conferences • Budget for one additional spot for conferences, or send one less supervisor • Hold a lottery to allow a “regular” dispatcher to attend the next conference

  18. Fun Outside of Work • Fire department tours • Pool parties (city rec center) • Six Flags • Ranger Games • State Fair Outing • Balloon Festival • Team Sports • Indoor Soccer • Kickball • Softball

  19. Recognition Resources • Oriental Trading • • Baudville • • Positive Promotions • • US Toys • • Store at Parker/Independence in Plano

  20. The Bottom Line??? “Rewarding employees for their exceptional work is critical for keeping them motivated to continue to do their best.” -Kenneth Blanchard Co Author The One Minute Manager