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State Reporting Updates

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State Reporting Updates . ASCUS Meeting April 4, 2014. What is ?. AzEDS serves as the data standard for the Arizona Learning and Accountability System(AELAS) Common language and processes that streamline communication

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state reporting updates

State Reporting Updates

ASCUS Meeting

April 4, 2014

what is
What is ?
  • AzEDS serves as the data standard for the Arizona Learning and Accountability System(AELAS)
  • Common language and processes that streamline communication
  • Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) have been adopted by 17 states thus far
why do we need
Why do we need ?
  • Standardizes and streamlines the collection of data
  • Minimizes LEA redundant data submissions to ADE
  • National data standards (CEDS) simplify data processes/submissions
    • As more states move to CEDS, student data will remain in the “student data backpack” when transferring between states, districts, schools and this data will arrive when the student arrives
benefits of
Benefits of
  • Allows your LEA to upload required student-level data to ADE in a reliable, consistent format
  • Reduces time spent on ADE data requests and enables near real-time student data to populate the new Arizona Dashboards (AZDash)
  • Creates opportunities to use accurate, actionable data by all LEA staff
transactions for release 1
Transactions for Release 1
  • Student Enrollment
  • Student Re-admission
  • Student Withdrawal
  • Student Absence
  • Student Personal Information Change
  • Student Membership Change
  • Student District of Residence Transfer
  • Student FTE
  • Student Grade Transfer
  • Student Payer Factors
  • Student Year End Status
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Summer Withdrawals
  • Student Teacher Course Connections

Please note, Release 1 will be run in parallel with today’s collections

the edfi solution
The EdFi Solution
  • Converts data to one language and allows for consistent and comparable data reporting
    • This is a data push
    • ADE is not ‘pulling’ data directly from your SIS
  • Nearly real time transactions
    • System-to-system notification
    • Transaction errors notification
dispelling the myths true or untrue
Dispelling the myths – True or Untrue?
  • We won’t be able to correct our data
    • Untrue; the data submission process is similar to current STC, new data replaces old data
  • This new process will eliminate jobs in the LEAs
    • Untrue; data stewards are still vital to getting clean data. ADE does not store unclean data. LEA database acts as a “holding tank” until all errors are resolved.
  • ADE is going to pull my data from my SIS
    • Untrue; LEA and vendor will PUSH data to ADE on a predetermined (TBD) frequency.
dispelling the myths true or untrue1
Dispelling the myths – True or Untrue?
  • We are going to have to submit the same data twice
    • True; FY2015 will be a pilot year on hashing out the process. All other submitters (not SSIS first year implementers and AzEDS pilot) will follow the same SAIS process for FY2015
since we last spoke
Since we last spoke…
  • Feedback on new state reporting processing
    • SSIS committee members participated in an initial discussion regarding new state reporting processing
  • Two areas were discussed with recommendations
    • Data Submission
    • Exception Reporting
recommendation data submission
Recommendation - Data Submission
  • Submit (push) data on a weekly basis
  • To be able to validate their data prior to pushing it to ADE
    • Validate errors such as a student has attendance but doesn’t have an enrollment code
  • Have options for pushing data
    • By school or range of schools
    • options for pushing types of data – i.e. enrollment data
  • Validation in data that is being pushed (submitted) – don’t allow certain program data to be submitted without enrollment data first being submitted
recommendation exception reporting
Recommendation-Exception Reporting
  • Organize how data is presented back to LEA
    • Group all errors about a student in a single report – information today is too segregated
    • Provide counts on types of students by need
    • Reports should have export capability – csv, pdf etc.
azeds pilot
AzEDS pilot
  • All SIS vendors are required to be AzEDS compliant by June 30, 2014
  • 2014-2015 piloting student level data submissions and STC
    • Looking for pilots to determine process and develop implementation plans and training
    • Want to be a pilot?
      • Contact:
do we have a vendor s yet
Do we have a vendor(s) yet?
  • Evaluation phase of procurement process
benefits of ssis
Benefits of SSIS
  • Cost Savings – Goal is Below Current Market Price
  • Hosted Management of Software (no hardware required)
    • 24/7 availability and accessibility (web-based)
  • ADE Plan and Extensive Assistance with Implementation
  • Change Control Board
    • ADE Expertise with prioritizing enhancements
    • ADE muscle with addressing/prioritizing fixing of bugs
  • ADE Resource Center
    • Customer Support Team
    • ADE Training Program
  • Data Migration Included in Package
want to get hooked up with ssis
Want to get hooked up with SSIS?
  • Looking for pilots for new SSIS for 2014-2015
  • What can I expect by becoming a SSIS pilot?
    • Change Board Management seat/voice
    • Provide input/direction on workflow process
    • Work to develop and recommend best practices for utilizing new state reporting process
    • Provide input into enhancements and of state reporting functionality
    • Submit dual AzEDS and normal submissions
  • Interested? Contact or