using the scientific method in my science fair project n.
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Using the Scientific Method in My Science Fair Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Using the Scientific Method in My Science Fair Project

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Using the Scientific Method in My Science Fair Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Scientific Method in My Science Fair Project. Miss Jamie OC Elementary School. Let’s Learn about the scientific method. 1. Question. 2. Hypothesis. 3. Prediction. 4. Testing. 5. Results . Question.

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let s learn about the scientific method
Let’s Learn about the scientific method

1. Question

2. Hypothesis

3. Prediction

4. Testing

5. Results

  • The question you ask must have a concrete answer that can be found by conducting an experiment.

Why do highway trucks pour sand on icy roads in the winter?


  • A testable explanation that answers your question.

I know that salt is used to melt ice and I think that sand is used for the same reason.


  • If your hypothesis is true, what will happen when you perform your experiment?

If my hypothesis is true, an ice cube with sand on it will melt faster than a bare ice cube.


  • List the materials you use and the steps for the experiment
  • Show the data you collect

Materials: ice cubes, sand, watch

Steps: I sprinkled sand on one ice cube and left the other bare. I timed how long it took for each cube to melt.

Data: Each ice cube took one hour to melt.


  • What happened when you performed your experiment?

My hypothesis was wrong, because the sanded ice didn’t melt faster. They must use sand for a different reason.