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Japanese War Crimes Trials

Japanese War Crimes Trials. 28 “Class A” criminals indicted for Tokyo trial. Matsuoka Yōsuke. Foreign Minister 1940-1941 Died before trial. Enshrined at Yasakuni . Yasukuni Shrine Dedicated to those who have fallen in service to the Emperor. Baron Hirota Kohki.

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Japanese War Crimes Trials

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  1. Japanese War Crimes Trials

  2. 28 “Class A” criminals indicted for Tokyo trial.

  3. Matsuoka Yōsuke Foreign Minister 1940-1941 Died before trial. Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  4. Yasukuni Shrine Dedicated to those who have fallen in service to the Emperor

  5. Baron HirotaKohki Prime Minister in 1930’s DEATH The only civilian executed. Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  6. Hirota memorial statue In Fukuoka

  7. General ItagakiSeishirō Kwangtung Army, Minister of War DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  8. General Araki Sadao Minister of War (Leader of “Strike North” faction) LIFE Released in 1956

  9. Field Marshal HataShunroku Commander China Expeditionary Army LIFE Released in 1955

  10. Baron HiranumaKiichirō Prime Minister Home Minister (Left government in 1941) President of the Privy Council, 1945 LIFE Released in 1952 Enshrined at Yasakuni

  11. Hoshino Naoki Involved in administration of Manchukuo, Chief Cabinet Secretary under Tojo LIFE Released in 1958

  12. Marquis KidoKōichi Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal Initially pled guilty to protect the Emperor, later advised the Emperor to accept responsibility and abdicate. LIFE Released in 1953

  13. General KoisoKuniaki Governor General of Korea, Prime Minister LIFE Died in prison Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  14. Admiral Takasumi Oka Naval Minister LIFE Released in 1954

  15. General Hiroshi Ōshima Ambassador to Germany LIFE Released in 1955

  16. General SatōKenryō Chief, Military Affairs Bureau LIFE Released in 1953

  17. Admiral Shigetarō Shimada Commander Imperial Navy, War Minister LIFE Released in 1955

  18. Toshio Shiratori Ambassador to Italy, Advisor to Foreign Minister LIFE Died in prison Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  19. General Suzuki Teiichi President, Cabinet Planning Board LIFE Released in 1955 Died in 1989, at 100

  20. General YoshijirōUmezu Chief of the Imperial General Staff LIFE Died in prison. Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  21. Shigenori Tōgō Foreign Minister, Minister for Greater East Asia Charged because he signed the Declaration of War against the US 20 YEARS Died in prison.

  22. ShigemitsuMamoru Foreign Minister Involved in biological warfare experiments 7 YEARS Japan’s first ambassador to the United Nations

  23. KayaOkinori Finance Minister 20 YEARS Released in 1955 Later served as Justice Minister and Member of Parliament

  24. Fleet Admiral Nagano Osami Chief of the Imperial Naval Staff Died prior to end of trial. Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  25. General Kenji Doihara Intelligence Chief in Manchukuo, Ran POW camps in SE Asia DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  26. General Heitarō Kimura Commander, Burma Expeditionary Army DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  27. General Iwane Matsui Commander, Shanghai Expeditionary Force and Central China Area Army “Rape of Nanking” DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  28. Prince Asaka ? “His illness was not sufficient to prevent his conducting the military operations of his command nor to prevent his visiting the City for days while these atrocities were occurring. . . . He must be held criminally responsible for his failure to discharge this duty.” The Imperial family was given immunity.

  29. General Muto Akira Chief of Staff to Yamashita DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni.

  30. General Hideki Tōjō Commander, Kwangtung Army, Prime Minister DEATH Enshrined at Yasakuni. Attempted suicide immediately before his arrest. "The Greater East Asia War was justified and righteous.”

  31. "I am very sorry it is taking me so long to die. The Greater East Asia War was justified and righteous. I am very sorry for the nation and all the races of the Greater Asiatic powers. I wait for the righteous judgment of history. I wished to commit suicide but sometimes that fails.“ Tojo after he had shot himself.

  32. Colonel Hashimoto Kingorō Politically active officer, Member of the Diet, Leader, Imperial Youth Federation LIFE

  33. General Minami Jirō Commander, Kwantung Army, Governor General of Korea Minister of War LIFE Released in 1953

  34. OkawaShūmei Political theorist and writer. Declared incompetent to stand trial. Confined to a hospital, released in 1948. Produced first Japanese translation of the Koran while in custody.

  35. “I am not ashamed in front of the Gods for what I have done.” General Yamashita Tomoyuki “The Tiger of Malaya” Condemned to death by hanging in Manila.

  36. Homma Masaharu Death by firing squad.

  37. 5,700 charged as Class B and C War Criminals • 900+ executed. Japanese Crimes: • Mass killings • Biological warfare • Human experimentation • Cannabalism • Forced labor • “Comfort women”

  38. Not charged . . . • “Unit 731” • LTG Ishii Shirō • Worked at Fort Detrick, Maryland after the war? • 500,000 deaths in China?

  39. Not charged . . .

  40. Yasuhito, Prince Chichibu Nobuhito, Prince Takamatsu Takahito,Prince Mikasa

  41. Fleet Admiral Prince Fushimi Hiroyasu Chief of the Japanese Naval Staff during the China Campaign.

  42. Prince HigashikuniNaruhiko Commander of Home Defense Command, 1941 – 1944 Prime Minister, August 1945

  43. Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda Chief Financial Officer, Kwantung Army Responsible for Unit 731

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