welcome to hastings public school n.
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Welcome to Hastings Public school PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Hastings Public school

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Welcome to Hastings Public school - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Hastings Public school

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  1. Welcome to Hastings Public school hello

  2. Our staff • At Hastings our school provides a great education and lovely kind teachers to help your child\children and with the help with our wonderful principal Mr. Heaton. Our principal is a hard working principal and is willing to give a helping hand to all students and carers.

  3. Activities • Our school, as well as learning gives great experiences of playing, socializing and even performing. We recently had an amazing glasshouse production were students could perform everyone contributed we all had lots of fun 

  4. At school • Our school is a proud school and it’s been here since 1981. our school is very organised and we care about your safety. Our teachers and staff are trained in medical safety

  5. food • We also provide a range of delicious food source at our canteen. You can order lunch or bring money to spend on some yummy food. We like you to bring a healthy lunch and recess if you are not ordering. We do have treat days sometimes!

  6. uniform • Our uniforms are sold right here at Hasting Public school. Our uniform is very comfortable and easy to adapt to. Great colours are on our uniform and wonderful materiel is used. You MUST wear your hat outside or sit in the COLA.

  7. office • The office is where notes and information are done and they are always working... • They also look after sick bay so there very busy.

  8. School friends • At our school you can make lots of friends that are nice to you because at our school we don't like people bulling nice people like you. • If you have a problem go to the teacher right away for help

  9. rubbish • Our school is an eco friendly environment. We always put our rubbish in the bin and we also have environment friends.

  10. bubblers • At our school we do a lot of sport and it can make you parched. At school we have outside bubblers to quench your thirst in case you forget your drink bottle.

  11. BAGS ON HOOKS • We provide hooks for your bag near our classes so you don't dirt on your bag and it’s near your classroom.

  12. Library and Labs • When it comes your library or computer turn you can play on the computer and learn facts. • We also have a lovely library that you learn about the arts, animals, or anything you wish • You also have books read to you by our cool library teacher Mrs. Dobson.

  13. Lining up • After our morning assembly all students report to their classes then line up waiting for the teacher to arrive. Everyone will be in a class line in whatever formation the teacher has chosen. 

  14. Sharing and packing • At school we believe that sharing is caring and that when you get something it is nice to share with someone else who might want to share the object too. When you finish with it please pack it up. • We don’t share money or food.

  15. The toilets • At school we allow you to go to our own toilets. We’ve surrounded our school with toilets for our students. All you do is ask the teacher the she’ll grant you permission then your allowed to go

  16. 5 fair rules • The five fair rules are a set of rules for us all to follow: • 1. I can work quietly. • 2. I can follow instructions. • 3. I can listen. • 4. I can raise my hand and wait. • 5. I can control my body and my mouth.