Hastings public schools 2012 2013
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Hastings Public Schools 2012-2013 . PLC Staff Development Planning & Reporting Guide. Building or Site Use to Record Goals Adjust as needed. Writing your PLC goal(s):

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Hastings public schools 2012 2013

Hastings Public Schools2012-2013

PLC Staff Development Planning &

Reporting Guide

Building or Site

Use to Record Goals

Adjust as needed.

  • Writing your PLC goal(s):

  • Writing the goal(s) for your PLC seems to be an area that both defines your work, but also seems to cause the most frustration for teams.

  • Your goals should represent the work of the PLC/Department/Grade Level/Building and District.

  • Your PLC goals should represent both student learning and the impact on instructional professional practice.

  • Your goals should be an honest representation of the work you intend to complete, study, and refine as you go through the academic year.

  • The goals should be a part of a bigger picture as a continuous improvement process – think about the connection and draw out the bigger connection over two to three years.

  • Examples:

  • You may need to complete a study of your standards and complete a KUDO’s document before you can work on refining the measures you use to assess students.

  • You may have your standards defined but find there are students not performing as expected on MCA, NWEA or Common Assessments in the classroom. You may need to study the data to see where students are not meeting the standards and create checkpoint assessments in your curriculum to measure more frequently specific areas of learning.

  • You may have your standards and assessments in a solid place and may return to refining curriculum and lessons to deepen the learning experiences for students and look for high performance via the rigor and depth of lessons.

  • You may be working to refine the quality of a unit or lessons to meet the academic needs of students, refining your curriculum mapping of units or specific lessons.

Specific: What specifically will I achieve? .

Measurable: How will I measure it? .

Achievable: Steps to Achieving the goal(s).

Relevant: Is it relevant to my larger goals? .

Time-framed: By what dates will I achieve it?

Goal(s) Examples:

We will work with students to promote a more successful outcome on Science MCA Summative Assessments, increasing the number of students at the proficiency levels of meets and exceeds from 51% to 60% for the 2012-2013 academic school year. We will study the strand level data, and standards to determine lessons that must be targeted for increased learning and proficiency.

We will focus on the academic standards in reading and writing to refine our curriculum in order to meet the new requirements of the Common Core Standards. We will develop common assessments to provide evidence of learning by all students in this rigorous standard review, examining common assessments and finally by reviewing the MCA III test data at the end of the year to determine our next steps.

We will review our standards, curriculum maps and lessons to determine the focus area for improvement as we determine how to integrate the practice and use of Learning Targets and Student Learning Plans with Student Self-Assessment, creating student self assessments for each unit by the end of the 2012-2013 academic year.

We will review our curriculum and student data to determine the best focus area to design and build a high quality digital lesson or unit. Incorporating all the best practices of Learning Targets, Lesson Design with common assessments both formative and summative. We will complete two major units during the 2012-2013 academic year.

We will Diary Map our curriculum and apply the Cognitive Growth Targets to determine and review the rigor level of activities or lessons to help determine instructional or curricular adjustments to provide deeper learning experiences, measuring the results both in assessments and observation of engagement in the classroom via a rubric and classroom observation.

Meeting Planner

Additional copies of this page are available @ http://www.hastings.k12.mn.us/Important_Dates_PLC_Forms_and_More.html

Staff Development / PLC Reporting Form for 2012-2013

Reports Due to Principals: Beg. of Year: Due 10/23/2012 Mid-Year: Due 1/21/2013 End of Year: Due 5/24/2013

PLC Members: List members here.

  • Focus of PLC

  • Art

  • Business Education

  • Counseling

  • Family and Consumer Science

  • Global Languages

  • Health and Human Performance

  • Industrial Technology

  • Language Arts

    • Reading

    • Writing

  • Library Media and Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Special Services

  • Other ________________________

Please complete and submit this page and the following page to your building principal for information and approval. Complete additional copies if your PLC has more than one goal due to your building principal no later than October 23rd.

Building/Site Goal: Enter corresponding goal

PLC Goal(s): Enter goal here.

Important: You will need to thoughtfully respond to the following statements on the mid-year report and on the final report that is submitted to the state via your staff development site chairs and administrators:

Findings of your Goal:

Impact on Student Learning:

Impact on Teacher Practice:

Continue next year?

  • The PLC (staff development) goal should focus on the critical questions of learning:

    • What is it we expect our students to learn?

    • How will we know when they have learned it?

    • How will we respond when they don’t learn?

    • How will we respond when they already know it?

Mid year progress report
Mid-Year Progress Report.

Impact on Students and Method of Measurement

Enter your goal’s impact on student achievement, interesting findings in the data or information you are studying, impact on teaching strategies and/or the classroom.

Share with your administrator a current “snapshot” of your work.

Findings of your Goal:

Impact on Student Learning:

Impact on Teacher Practice:

Please submit a mid year progress report: due no later than January 21, 2013. Include this page, the membership page and the goal page. Three pages total for the mid-year report.

What was the impact on student learning?

Enter data here.

What were the findings of this goal?

Enter data here.

What was the impact on teacher practice?

Enter data here.

End of the Year Report

This is an important end of the year description of your findings to include an honest reflection of your outcomes, data, observations and work this year.

Your staff development site chairs and principals should have a clear understanding and will use your information to complete the state report, your findings, and reported impacts on teachers and students will be reported and posted on a state web site. Please write well and proof your work before submitting this information to your principals.

Please submit all pages of your report as required by your principals to complete the entire report.

You may delete this box after reading to complete the reporting on this form.

Will your PLC continue working on this goal next year?

Please submit this page and the following two pages to your building principal as your end-of-the-year status report: due no later than May 24th. (+ additional copy for site committee)

Indicate which designs or strategies were used to implement the goal during the school year.

If you checked none of the above or wish to provide more detail, enter the designs and/or strategies below.

Enter data here.