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The Job Search and Application Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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The Job Search and Application Workshop

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The Job Search and Application Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Job Search and Application Workshop
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  1. The Job Search and Application Workshop Penn State Altoona SIFE

  2. First, think about what you’re interested in. Are there jobs available with your interests? Doing something that you are interested in leads to greater success. Begin your search!! Where should you begin?

  3. Techniques to Finding a Job • Some job opportunities are easy to find, while some are not. • There are many different ways to find a job… • Newspaper • Television/Radio • Company’s Website • Online Job Searches • Networking • Walk-in

  4. Newspaper • Jobs are listed in the Classified section of the local newspaper. There is usually a wide variety of jobs listed. • The largest Classified section is in the Sunday paper. • Each Classified job posting has a lot of information listed: • Store name or business • Position needed, part-time or full-time • Skills required • Contact information

  5. Television & Radio • Bigger businesses and franchise companies will sometimes make public announcements over the television and/or radio about a new job offer. • The commercials will provide a lot of information quickly, so watch and listen carefully. • Store name or business • Location of company • Positions needed, part-time or full-time • Contact information • Benefits

  6. Specific Company’s Website • Most businesses today have their own website. • They often will have a job opportunity link and a downloadable application. This is very helpful if you know where you want to work. • Search for the specific company’s website. • Find the Job Opportunity link. • The link may describe what positions are available. • It may also include a downloadable/printable application.

  7. Specific Company’s Website

  8. Specific Company’s Website

  9. Online Job Searches • There are many online resources that help narrow down the job search process. This is a more direct search and will often find exactly what you want or close to it. • During the search…be specific! • What type of job are you looking for? • What position are you trying to acquire? • Are you limited with regard to location? • You can post your resume within these resources and companies can hire you right off of the Internet!

  10. Types of Online Job Searches • There are many different job search resources now available online. • You can set up an account with each service or use their free search. • These are some of the most common job search engines: • • • • •

  11. Networking What is Networking? • Networking is a way of interacting and communicating with others for assistance or support. • Think of someone you know, with a successful job in an area that interests you. • Talk with them to get some background information about their job. • Ask to see if they are hiring or need any extra assistance. • Connections are everything…use them!

  12. Walk-ins “Help Wanted” signs are usually posted in front windows when businesses are hiring. Applications are most likely available at the front desk, so just walk in and ask for one! • There are many advantages to walking in… • Gain first hand knowledge of the atmosphere of the store. • Meet the manager and other co-workers. • Schedule an interview. • Dress nicely and act friendly! • First impressions can make all the difference!

  13. Application

  14. Filling out Applications Tips: • Ask for a few applications. • Be prepared to fill out the application on the spot. • Practice a few and then return one. • Read the instructions carefully. • Use blue or black ink • Check your spelling. • Fill out EVERYTHING… • If it does not apply to you write N/A. • Take your time and write legibly. • Be Honest!!

  15. Appropriate Dress • Dress professionally when you pick-up and drop-off the application. • Dress according to the job type. For example: • Construction – business casual • Sales person – depending on sales job • It takes 15 seconds to make a first impression.

  16. Criminal History • You need to be honest with your criminal background. • All employers can ask about a felony conviction. • Certain employers can ask about misdemeanor(s), if occupational specific.

  17. Reasons for Leaving • Be honest, but diplomatic • Examples: • Consequences of life choices • Advancement • Need for more responsibility

  18. References • Call the references prior to filling out the application. • Do not list relatives. • Have a paper that has the reference’s • Name • Occupation/Title • Address

  19. Thank YouAny Questions?