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Job Search Strategies Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Job Search Strategies Workshop

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Job Search Strategies Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Job Search Strategies Workshop

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Job Search Strategies Workshop Office of Career and Professional Development Indiana University Maurer School of Law

    2. Sources of Jobs (National Avg.)

    3. Sources of Jobs (National avg.)

    4. What students did during their first summer

    5. Where students worked

    6. Timing of 1L Summer Job Offers

    7. Large Law Firms Some accepting applications Dec 1-15; some not until you have semester grades Make decisions based on grades Will take applications and then ask for transcript when it becomes available About one 1L opening for every five to twenty 2L opportunities based on 2L hiring yield & long-term What does large mean?

    8. Large Law Firms Resources Martindale Hubbell Geographic specific Top 100 Westlaw & Lexis NALP Directory

    9. Small- to Medium-Sized Firms Depending on market some medium firms will make early spring offer Most accept apps & make offers Jan-April many on a first-come, first-serve basis Generally dont have application process Can contact firm to see if they hire 1Ls and/or have openings

    10. Small- to Medium-Sized Firms Resources NALP Directory OCPD website Online Resources Other law school career services sites Yellow Pages Not posted

    11. Judicial Clerkships Many like to have free help due to budget cuts Often a phone call will answer your questions Applications accepted in the spring Think of different types of courts (i.e. tax, family, juvenile, trial vs. appellate) Federal Courts Clinic US District Court for the Southern Dist of IN send resume and cover letter to Prof Seth Lahn

    12. Judicial Clerkships Resources County and state courts OCPD Online Resources The Vermont Guide Indiana Legal Directory

    13. Judicial Clerkships Resources Federal Courts The American Bench and register as an applicant

    14. Public Interest Legal Aid or Public Guardians Offices, Nonprofit organizations, Associations Most open for proactive applicants Some with processes Available throughout spring semester many on a first-come, first-serve basis

    15. Public Interest Resources PSLawNet OCPD web site Online resources Everett Public Service Internships - Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conf. or Equal Justice Works

    16. State & Local Government Includes City or County General Counsels Office Public Defender or District Attorney Any state government agency Available during spring Contact them to find out about availability

    17. State & Local Government Resources National Directory of Prosecuting Attorneys DAs and PDs Almost any area PDs or DAs office Govt Honors & Internship Handbook - - See OCPD for username & password

    18. Federal Government Some deadlines are coming up soon those with a need for a security clearance Others on a first-come, first-serve basis Some help you with FT positions later on while some will not Federal Govt is not only D.C.

    19. Federal Government Resources Govt Honors & Internship Handbook - - See OCPD for username & password Federal Govt site Internship & Student Info Agency Information Gateway

    20. Corporations Very limited opportunities to work with a corp. general counsels office Cook, Inc. Bloomington: IP/Patent 1L summer Should be industry-specific relationship to your practice area interest Often going back to a previous employer

    21. Corporations Resources Directory of Corporate Counsels in law school library Corporate Counsel Fortune 500 Search - Need to sign in and create account

    22. Other Resources OCPD Outreach & Posting to Symplicity Spring On-Campus Interviews (OCI) and Resume Collections (RC) Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines

    23. Things to Keep in Mind Many opportunities are unadvertised Most first-year summer internships are unpaid but are much more valuable (both for your career and your long-term financial well being) than many things you could do Dont limit yourself to the Bloomington area Try to establish or re-establish yourself in the geographic location of your choice