welcome to year two n.
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Welcome to Year Two

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Welcome to Year Two - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Year Two
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  1. Welcome to Year Two From Mrs Cooney and Mrs Salha Please let us know if you need a translator.

  2. Adults who work with year two children… Mrs Smith Mrs Cooney Mrs Salha Miss Cooke Mrs Khan Mrs Bibi

  3. Learning in Year Two Each half term, we learn a ‘story to tell’ with actions and the children will bring these home to practise. In year two we learn the times tables once we have finished learning the number bonds. - new cards cost 50p. At the end of Year 2, children take SATs tests. These are nothing to worry about and the children often don’t know they are doing them.

  4. Routines… • Please ensure book bags are in school every day. Library books are changed once a week. • We go outside every day, even when it is raining. If you have any spare wellingtons we are collecting them. • PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays – PE kits are sent home each half term to be washed. Please put names in all clothes and pumps/trainers. • Every child needs a water bottle in school. • Children doing ELS need to bring their bag every day. They should also try to complete their homework themselves.

  5. Uniform Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform, with no jewellery, every day. They will also need an indoor and outdoor PE kit.

  6. Please ensure appropriate coats and shoes are worn as we go outside even if it is raining.

  7. Out and about in Year 2…

  8. Don’t we have a lot of fun while we’re learning?

  9. How to help at home: • Make sure your child is getting dressed and undressed by themselves. • To encourage independence, ask your child to help you around the home. • Ensure your child gets the recommended eleven hours sleep a night. • Make sure your child comes to school everyday and on time. • Please plan extended holidays for the summer.

  10. Other ways to help at home: • Read with your child every day – if reading in English is a problem, ensure that you talk about the book in your home language. • Talk with your child as much as possible. • Play games with the tricky words • Look for numbers while out and about • Use money to count in different ways

  11. Community liason for support with: • form filling • landlords • debt management • someone to talk to Approach any member of staff or our parental liason officer, Kuky Jalil who will help you with anything you need. We have links with the Chai Centre.

  12. Thank you for coming! Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.