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Planning for Sophomore Year

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Planning for Sophomore Year. At Lakewood High School. A Law of the Universe is ……. The older you get, the farther you journey through life, the more CHOICES you have. One of these is. Choosing a career. Career Choice is a PROCESS, not an event. It began a long time ago

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planning for sophomore year

Planning for Sophomore Year

At Lakewood High School

a law of the universe is
A Law of the Universe is …….
  • The older you get,
  • the farther you journey through life,
  • the more CHOICES you have.
one of these is
One of these is
  • Choosing a career
career choice is a process not an event
Career Choice is a PROCESS, not an event
  • It began a long time ago
  • It is always going on
  • You aren’t always aware that it’s happening,
  • ….. but it is.
right now your career is
Right now your career is….

…being a student at Lakewood High School.

It is your job to….

prepare forthe world ofwork.

learn how to become a contributing adult.

required courses to graduate
Required courses to graduate
  • English 4 years
  • Social Studies 3 years
  • Science 3 years
  • Math 3 years
  • PE 1 year
  • Health ½ year
  • Bus/Tech/F.Arts/F.Lang 1 year
9 th 10 th grade required courses
9th grade

English 9



World History


10th grade

American Literature



US History



9th & 10th grade Required Courses
social studies
9th Grade

World History

10th Grade

US History

Social Studies

AP US History

AP US History




9th grade10th grade

Adv. Geometry

Adv. Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 or Survey Alg/Geo

Adv. Algebra 2

Pre-Calc with Trig

which math is best for you

Which math is best for you?

Your math teacher will tell you which math class to take next year. You MUST select this class.

Geophysical Science



9th grade10th grade

Intro to Physical Science

Intro to Life Science

Adv. Geophysical Science

Advanced Biology (by application only)

which science is best for you
Which Science is best for you?
  • Your science teacher will tell you which science class to take next year. You MUST select this class.
  • Any course that isn’t required.
  • These are courses you take because of your special interest or talent.
electives open to sophomores
Electives open to sophomores


Family & Consumer Sciences

Instrumental music



Social Studies

Project Lead the Way



Foreign Languages

Choral Music


Broadcast Theatre (by application)

A course you must take BEFORE taking another course.

Art 1 is a prerequisite to Art 2.

English 9 is a prerequisite to American Literature.

Any foods course is a prerequisite to Creative Cooking and Gourmet Foods.

planning ahead for senior year
Planning ahead for senior year
  • Biotechnology is a senior year program that requires advanced classes in sciences and Algebra 2 in 10th or 11th grade.
planning ahead for 11 th and 12 th grades
Planning ahead for 11th and 12th grades
  • Some 2-year Career/Tech programs have a 10th grade prerequisite course.
  • Some 2-year Career/Tech programs have a 10th grade recommended course .
career tech programs begin in 11 th grade
Career Tech Programs begin in 11th grade.

Accounting and Financial Services

Business Management

Medical Office Management


Health Careers

Interactive Media Design

Networking (CISCO)

Culinary Arts/ProStart

Early Childhood Education/Senior Services

Electronics Technology

Construction Trades

Automotive Technology

but wait i m not sure i want to do the 2 year career tech program
But wait! I’m not SURE I want to do the 2 year Career/Tech program!!
  • That’s a big decision and I’m just not sure I can make that kind of ccccccccommitment.
solution buy time
Solution: Buy time!
  • Take the prerequisite or recommended course in 10th grade. It will help you decide later about the 2 yr program.
  • If you decide next year not to do a 2-year Career/Tech program in 11th and 12th grades, you will have still earned an important elective credit.
if you think you do want to do a career tech program after 10 th grade
If you think you do want to do a Career Tech program after 10th grade…..
  • Many are selective and will first take the students with the best attendance and grades.
  • If accepted next year, you are committed to the program for two full years.
  • You must be a junior (10 credits) to begin a 2-year program.
10th grade course selection
10th Grade Course Selection
  • starts now.
  • continues during 7th period and in other classes.
  • On-line access is available February 9th through February 18th.
You will select your courses online at home and/or at school.
  • We will help you learn how to do this.
  • Select a minimum of 6 periods per semester.
  • Select more than 6; you can drop a 7th class within the first 2 weeks of school without penalty.
your 7 th period teacher can
Your 7th period teacher can
  • discuss with you your course selections.
  • help you to PRIORITIZE the electives you have chosen.
prioritizing electives
Prioritizing Electives
  • We will TRY to give you all the courses you have selected.
  • If we cannot, your counselor will assign you courses according to YOUR priority.

For example…….


French 2 2

Orchestra 1

Drama 5

Military History 4

Art 2 3

include your parents
Include your parents
  • Take your Course Selection Guidehome.
  • Help your parents understand what you have selected and why.
print a copy
Print a copy
  • When you have completed entering your courses into the computer, make a printed copy.
You and a parent must sign the printout.
  • Turn this signed printout into your 7th period teacher.
then in april
Then in April…..
  • We will mail home the list of the courses you selected.
  • You and a parent check it over to see if it is correct or if you want to make changes.
  • Return it signed to the guidance secretary.
fine tuning
Fine tuning……
  • The end of school in June is the deadline for making changes to your course requests.
  • You are committed to these choices when you return to school next August.
in summary
In summary
  • Choose your 10th grade required courses.
  • Choose your 10th grade electives.
  • PRIORITIZE your electives.
4. Enter your course requests into the computer.

5. Have a parent sign it.

6. Return it to your 7th period teacher.

You have until school is out in June to make course changes if there is room in classes you want.

Before you know it, June will be here!

the end
The End

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