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Master of Arts in Education - CUI PowerPoint Presentation
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Master of Arts in Education - CUI

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Master of Arts in Education - CUI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Master of Arts in Education - CUI
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  1. Master of Arts in Education - CUI

  2. Welcome!

  3. Greetings! Amy Biggs Assistant Professor of Graduate Education and C&I Coordinator

  4. Mission StatementAmy Biggs The Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS) program at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) is committed to providing an opportunity for adults to obtain a quality education in a learning environment emphasizing Christian values and ethical standards. Within this context, AGS serves as a resource for adults striving to enhance their personal and professional lives in a constantly changing world.

  5. Devotional Chaplain for Adult and Graduate Studies Mike Van Zant Ext. 4712

  6. Introductions Name Occupation Family members Something unique about you Why did you choose MVNU?

  7. Records and Registration Beverley Bailey

  8. “Who to Contact” MVNU Email Account • Primary source of communication for: • Records and Registration • Financial Aid • Student Accounts • Announcements • Check your MVNU email regularly

  9. MVNU Portal • Login with User Name & Password • Select “AGS Student Pages” • Important Links: • University Links (Webmail; Blackboard; Library) • Campus Information (AGS Student Handbook) • My Academics • My Finances

  10. Registration Issues • Currently registered for first year. • If you need to drop a course do so prior to the first night of class or you will be billed. • Three weeks notice is required to add a course to ensure space and resources. • Contact the Graduate Registration Specialist with any Registration issues.

  11. Textbooks • Textbooks will be mailed. • Textbooks can only be returned if they are not opened. • A $150 drop fee will be charged if you drop a course for which you have received textbooks. The fee will be reimbursed if book editions don’t change when you retake the course.

  12. Academic Performance • Students are responsible for reading the section on Academic Performance in the AGS Student Handbook. • Requirements: • Maintain a 3.00 GPA • Pass each course with a grade of B- or above • Grade reports sent by e-mail 14 days after course completion. Printed copies of grade reports can be obtained at campus or by contacted Graduate Registration Specialist.

  13. Academic Integrity andStudent Behavior • Students are responsible for reading the information on Academic Integrity and Student Behavior in the AGS Student Handbook.

  14. Attendance Policy • Read the policy in the AGS Student Handbook! • Attendance: • Mandatory and part of the grade for each course. • Attendance for online courses is based upon Discussion Board postings – coordinate with your instructor. • Two absences permitted for an 8-week course, one absence for a 4 to 6-week course, no absences for courses under 4 weeks. • Coordinate absences with instructor. • Will receive an automated email after an absence. • Second absence results in an X grade. • Documentation (personal illness, family emergency, work conflict, military duty) for change of X grade to a W must be submitted within 30 days of the absences and cover both absences.

  15. Sexual Harassment Policy • Because MVNU receives federal funds from the Department of Education, we must comply with the Title IX amendment and clearly state our Sexual Harassment Policy. • Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcomed sexual advances or requests for sexual favors • It is immoral, illegal and not tolerated • Please review the policy in the AGS Student Handbook • A complaint form can be found on the MVNU portal • Please review the reporting flow chart in your packet

  16. Financial Aid Tammy Adams

  17. Financial Aid TITLE IV Student Loans Direct Loans Master Promissary Note Disclosure Statement Deferrment

  18. Free Application for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA) PIN Number School Code for Adult & Graduate Studies E00782 FAFSA renewal must be completed each year.

  19. Teacher Loan Forgiveness $17,550 Math, Science or Special Education OR $5,000 Teach for 5 years in a Title I School and meet other eligibility requirements

  20. Contact 1-877-431-9610 Ron Kennedy, ext. 4737

  21. Student Accounts Julie Van Zant

  22. Student Account Invoice • This is the ONLY paper copy you will receive. For future invoices you will receive an email giving instructions for submitting your invoice. • Invoice completion: • Review student information • Review course schedule and amounts • Review expected financial aid • Past due balances will be noted at the bottom of the invoice

  23. Payment Options • Self Pay – payment is due by the first night of each course. • Financial Aid – make arrangements for any balance due after aid is posted to your account. • Employer Voucher – submit vouchers before each course begins. You are responsible for any unpaid balance. • Employer Reimbursement: • Option A = Grade verification required. Payment is due 4 weeks after course ends. • Option B = Employer pays for each course by the course start date.

  24. Credit Balance Held Sheet • Do you want any credit balance on your account returned to you? • The credit check process takes up to 10 business days. • Contact Student Accounts if you wish to change this option.

  25. Communication • Through your MVNU e-mail ONLY! • Check your e-mail account regularly for information on: • Monthly account statements • Invoices • Payment reminders

  26. Chalk and Wire Jessica Dawes

  27. Inclement WeatherLocal TV and Radio Stations E-mail Call AGS after 3 p.m.Weather Hotline ext. 1650Friday Night Make-Up Day

  28. Questions?