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Prepared for: Noah Sacks of M.C. Wheel Prepared by: Caitlin Barker Kate Edmonds Maribeth Foley PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepared for: Noah Sacks of M.C. Wheel Prepared by: Caitlin Barker Kate Edmonds Maribeth Foley

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Prepared for: Noah Sacks of M.C. Wheel Prepared by: Caitlin Barker Kate Edmonds Maribeth Foley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prepared for: Noah Sacks of M.C. Wheel Prepared by: Caitlin Barker Kate Edmonds Maribeth Foley Luke Healy Danielle Heppell Andrea Keeler . Jessica Lloyd Beth Lucier Elliot Roberts Derek Tishler And Christopher Tufano. Background.

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Presentation Transcript
Prepared for:

Noah Sacks

of M.C. Wheel

Prepared by:

Caitlin Barker

Kate Edmonds

Maribeth Foley

Luke Healy

Danielle Heppell

Andrea Keeler

Jessica Lloyd

Beth Lucier

Elliot Roberts

Derek Tishler

And Christopher Tufano

  • MC Wheel is a family-owned car and motorcycle wheel straightening business
  • Mark Moran helped develop new machines in Houston, TX.
  • Straightened alloy and magnesium wheels (as opposed to steel)
  • Brought this new technology up to New England in 1992, opened a shop in Newton, MA
background cont
Background Cont.
  • In 1996 built first motorcycle wheel straightening machine
  • Moved back up to NH and opened M.C. Wheel
  • 40,000 wheels have been fixed between the two shops
  • Located in West Swanzey, NH
creative work plan
Creative Work Plan
  • Key Fact
    • Family owned
    • Convenient, high quality service
    • Unique, original
    • Seeking regional and national business development
  • Problem
    • Lack of awareness regarding the safety and maintenance of motorcycle and automobile wheels
creative work plan cont
Creative Work Plan cont.
  • Advertising objective
    • Build awareness of M.C. Wheel’s services at a regional and national level
    • Educate motorists of the dangers of operating a vehicle with damaged wheels
  • Creative Strategy

Prospect definition

1. High end motorcycle owners who own specialty wheels

2. Car wheel owners concerned with appearance and/or safety

creative work plan cont1
Creative Work Plan cont.
  • Principal competition
    • Viking Wheel Service
    • Frame Straight Systems
    • Buchannan’s
    • Local retail stores offering competitive/wholesale prices
  • Key Promise
    • M.C. Wheel offers a guaranteed quality wheel repair service with a quick turn-around time
creative work plan cont2
Creative Work Plan cont.
  • Reason Why
    • Damaged wheels are unsafe
  • Mandatories
    • Must target owners of solid cast magnesium wheels
    • Use image of father and son to develop a business as “family owned and operated”
    • Use before and after photos to show quality service
press release design
Press Release Design
  • Designed to be printed in regional newspapers
  • Designed to grab the attention of the potential customer base and make them aware of the special service and eager to patronize it.   
  • Includes testimonials, location, background information and other information about its unique service
press release
Press Release

Father and Son Have One-of-a Kind Business

Keene, NH- December 5, 2005-M.C. Wheel has become a world player in rim repair. It is a family owned and operated motorcycle and car wheel repair shop. Owner Mark Moran first learned about wheel repair in the early 1980's while working as a frame straightening specialist at an automobile repair shop in Houston, Texas. In 1990, Mark wanted to move back to New England and start a shop of his own. After finding an investor, he spent over a year redesigning and building their first alloy wheel straightening machine, and in 1992 he opened Rim and Wheel Works in Newton MA. In 1995, Mark researched and developed a new machine that would straighten all kinds of rims and wheels. The machine was built in 1996. Shortly after that, he decided to move back home to New Hampshire, and built a shop where M.C. Wheel operates today. Between the two shops, they have straightened and repaired over 40,000 wheels.

press release cont
Press Release Cont.

Many people don't know that damaged wheels are unsafe and can potentially cause tires to leak, wear unevenly, and vibrate a car. That is why Noah Sacks and his father built M.C. Wheel with their original wheel machine that can service bent, broken or dented rims. The repair team works on custom and factory rims. M.C. Wheel response time is quick and turnover service for repairs is a couple of days.  

Noah Sacks is a friendly and amicable individual who is knowledgeable and talented in the field of motorcycles and car rims. Noah has had some very satisfied customers: “If you are skeptical about how a straightened wheel performs, take it from me I have had two different wheels straightened by M.C. Wheel and they are great super honest people to work with and super work!!”

M.C. Wheel is located on Route 10, in Swanzey, NH. The firm’s website is M.C. Wheel always welcomes new customers, whether they own a car or motorcycle.

  • Old Site:

  • New Site:

SBAG web page\MC

  • Yahoo hosting site:

Yahoo Small Business Solution #1

  • Lunarpages web hosting site:

Lunarpages Small Business Solution #2

e commerce opportunities
E-Commerce Opportunities
  • In the past MC Wheel’s website has told consumers who wish to patronize to:

1. Ship their wheel with a note and contact info

2. Call by Telephone (either toll-free or locally)

3. E-mail

  • One option for expanding an online storefront opportunity is implementing Yahoo Small Business which has an initial monthly cost of about $10 for basic hosting and about $30 for their professional edition.
  • Another higher cost option for MC Wheel is Lunarpages which offers a yearly contract with a money-back guarantee and free 24/7 tech support with your domain name.
  • Includes information about:
    • Its products/services
    • Dangers of bent wheels
    • Their quick response/turn-around time
    • A brief background of the company
    • Their contact information
    • Also contains a few pictures
radio spot
Radio Spot

--Sound of a siren--

Lady: “Is there a problem officer?”

Officer: “The reason why I pulled you over was because you were exceeding the legal speed limit.”

Officer: “Also, I noticed as I walked up that your tire is wearing on the back left side of your car. That could be due to a bent rim. A bent rim can deflate tires and wear unevenly, making tires illegal and unsafe.”

Lady: “What can I do about it? Where can I go to get it fixed?”

Officer: “I take my families vehicles to MC Wheel. They specialize in alloy rims and they are located in West Swanzey, New Hampshire. They recommend people to come in and have their rims checked out before winter as a safety precaution. I had one of my rims fixed, which was cheaper than buying a new one. It only cost me $80.”

radio spot cont
Radio Spot cont.

Man: “What about motorcycles? I got in an accident and messed up the rim of my bike. I checked out new rims but they are too expensive.”

Officer: “Yeah, they specialize in both car and motorcycle rims. They are one of three specialists in the United States. You should both go in for a free estimate.”

Officer: “Here’s the number. (603) 355-3901. I’ll give you a warning for speeding this time.”

Announcer: MC Wheel is located at 639 West Swanzey Road in West Swanzey, New Hampshire. For more Information check out there website at or call toll free at

1-888-MC-WHEEL, or locally at (603) 355-3901.

  • Run the press release in both regional and national newspapers. Such as the Monadnock Ledger and Keene Sentinel
  • Disperse brochures to inform community
  • Revise current website and incorporate suggested SBA upgrades given in the new design
  • Run new magazine ad in magazines that have been used before as well as new ones
  • Focus on advertising locally on the radio, and use the SBA script if appropriate