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New to Edmodo Create your free account here: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New to Edmodo ? Create your free account here:. Join my group: group code: 51e7p6. Introduction to. Presented by : Tiffaney Lavoie. Instructional Technology Consultant KEDC [email protected] (859) 552-5399.

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New to Edmodo?

Create your free account here:

Join my group:

group code:51e7p6

Introduction to

Presented by: Tiffaney Lavoie

Instructional Technology Consultant


[email protected]

(859) 552-5399

What is Edmodo?

Online environment for learning where you can:

Deliver formative assessments

2. Post and grade assignments

3. Launch a poll for instant

classroom feedback

4. Blog

What is Edmodo?

5. Upload content in virtually any format

6. Embed YouTube videos, Prezis, GeoGebra

applets and more

7. Communicate with parents

8. Create a safe social networking


First Things First: Become a member of

my KySTE Edmodo group

My group code

is: 51e7p6

No emails required!

KySTE Edmodo Resources

Find helpful documents inside the “Edmodo resources” folder on the KySTE group page

Ways to Use Edmodo:

Found in the Resources folder in the KySTE group

A Student Quick Start Guide:

Found in the Resources folder in the KySTE group

Next Step: Create Groups

Groups = Classes

Create as many groups as needed

Students Can Now Join Your Class:

Just give them your Group Code

Manage Student Info Here

For Detailed Help, Download the User Guide:

KySTE> Folders > Edmodo Resources > User Guide

The Basics of Posting:

4 Ways to Post:





Adding Attachments to Your Posts:

Files – Upload just about any file format!

Link – Websites and embed code

Library - Pull from your uploaded content library

Tag Your Posts =

Info Finding Made Easy

To Filter Tags:

Latest Posts

Right-Hand Column

Select Desired Tag

Moderate Your Student Posts

Group Settings:

Advanced Options

Moderate all

Posts and


Upload Your Files to the Library

Every file that is uploaded to Edmodo ends up in your library.

Folders allow you to organize your library by content area, class period, units covered, etc.

Join an Edmodo Community

Other Resources as You Venture Into Blogging:

The Camping Trip

Objectives: Students will be able to:

1. Add money to the thousands

2. Critique the rationale of other students

3. Identify and enumerate necessary item for a

camping trip

4. Present a rationale for their decisions to

purchase various items needed for survival

·Lerman, James, and Ronique Hicks. "Lesson Plans." Retool your school: the educator's essential guide to Google's free power apps.

Eugene, Or.: International Society for Technology in Education, 2010. 227-229. Print.

Bulging Backpacks: Scatter Plots

How Blogging Can Be Used:

1. Pre-Assess understanding of scatter plots by having students post comments to an initial question

2. Allow the class to work in groups and once their scatter plot is created, have them take a picture with their mobile device (or a digital or document camera) and post the picture to the blog using the email posting address. Have other groups comment to the image post on what they observe and how it compares to the scatter plot they created

3. As an exit slip, use an online polling website as a formative assessment tool and embed the question into a blog post

"Bulging Backpacks." Math Solutions. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2011. <>.

Multiplying Binomials: Three methods




Blogging Project:

Have students break into groups, with each group viewing a different PowerPoint so that all three methods are explored.

Have the students re-create the method the explored with a new problem and be prepared to present it to the group

As the teacher, publish a post asking which method they feel is easiest or "clicks" with them. Students will respond in the form of a comment. Be sure they support their opinion

Interested in More Training?

Thank You!!

Presented by: Tiffaney Lavoie

Instructional Technology Consultant


[email protected]

(859) 552-5399