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Web Documentary Mock Up. Liam Walker. Enter page. What does Hull offer. festivals. Premier League Football. Great Shopping. The Deep. Nightclub gigs. KC Stadium gigs. Freedom Fest. Prices, location, contact details. Info on The Deep. Photos. History. Current happenings.

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Presentation Transcript

Web documentary mock up

Enter page

What does Hull offer


Premier League Football



The Deep

Nightclub gigs

KC Stadium gigs

Freedom Fest

Prices, location, contact details

Info on The Deep



Current happenings


St. Stephens

Prospect Centre

Prinny Quay

Looking inside

Looking inside

Looking inside

General idea
General Idea

Came up with the idea of a web documentary that follows the same kind of path as Google Maps. When choosing what you want to look at, rather than it changing from one page to another, things just move off the screen and when hovering things, small snippets of what will come up if that button is clicked will appear on screen.

If I take the root of from opening screen to St. Stephens, which is what I’m going to take, when you get to picking a shopping centre, which ever one is hovered over, a computerised image would come up of that shopping centres front doors, when clicked, the computerised image would show the doors opening and the screen would move into them.

When in the shopping centre (St. Stephens for example) it would become a lot like Google Maps, using the arrows the user can move forwards and backwards up the shopping centre, and when the user approaches staircases, another arrow would come onscreen and when clicked would take the user to the next floor. The user can also look to their left, right, up, down and behind using click and drag.

To then exit and choose another shopping centre, the user would have to go back to the doors using the arrows, when at the doors, the same kind of thing as when entering the shopping centre, except this time it takes you back to the ‘choose a shopping centre’ screen.

All screens have a home button to take the user back to the ‘What does Hull offer page’. All also have background sounds that are relevant to the screen the user is on.

Opening screen

When clicked, these two bits of text shoot off screen to the left and are replaced by more text shooting in from the right

Opening screen

Welcome to Hull

At this point, chirping birds, quiet traffic and background, mumbled conversation can be heard


Enter; Click to enter the documentary

Web documentary mock up
Next left and are replaced by more text shooting in from the right

Shoots in from the left when enter is pressed

Continued ‘city-sounds’.


Small graphic of St.Stephens, city sounds continue, when hovered over



Small graphic of Hull City fans celebrating and background sound changes to football fans singing when hovered over



Small graphic (photo of inside the deep) and marine associated sounds when hovered over.

Small graphic (photo from previous festivals held) with live music recorded from a festival replacing city sound when hovered over

Web documentary mock up

City sounds continue left and are replaced by more text shooting in from the right

Great Shopping

Small ‘home’ button in top corner takes back to the ‘what does Hull offer’ screen


Previous background drops down out of sight when ‘great shopping’ is clicked and these options drop down with it.

Where shall we go?

Clicking on any of the names bring up a computerised clip of walking through that shopping centres front doors

Prospect Centre

Princess Quay

St. Stephens

Hovering over any of the 3 choices will bring up a small graphic of a map of all that’s in there, as if someone who hasn’t been to Hull before is looking to see which shopping centre has the shops they’re looking for

After choosing a shopping centre
After choosing a shopping centre left and are replaced by more text shooting in from the right

Home button to take to ‘What Hull has to offer’ page

Background sound changes to mumbled conversations

Same way Google Maps works

By click and drag, you can look to your left, right, up, down and behind.

When clicked, advances a few feet further down the shopping centre

When clicked, goes back a few feet down the shopping centre