Unit 3 stress and wellness
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Unit 3: stress and wellness. What is Stress?. Process by which we perceive and respond to certain events called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging

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What is stress
What is Stress?

  • Process by which we perceive and respond to certain events called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging

  • Ex: Your excited/nervous about a first date. The night of the date you get a pimple on your nose! Which is the stress? ACTUALLY…

  • Stressor: the date

  • Stress reaction - pimple

Health psychology
Health Psychology

  • Sub field that focuses on how stress affects our well-being and our health

    • How are stress and illness related?

    • How do our perceptions of stress affect our health?

    • Can we control our reactions to stress?

Responding to stress 2 main ways to respond to stress
Responding to Stress2 main ways to respond to stress




  • “I can’t do this. I am going to be stuck on the side of the road.”

  • More likely to panic and freeze up

  • Making it more difficult to solve the problem

  • “I got this! I can google it and change my own tire!”

  • You will be focused and determined

  • More likely to overcome your perception of the stressor

How does your body react to stress
How does your body react to stress?

  • Emotion-arousing incidents-Pop Quiz- to physical stress-cold- all trigger the release of stress hormone into the nervous system

  • Increases heart rate, dulls sensation of pain, sends more blood to your larger muscles

  • It prepares you to either take action against the challenge (fight) or flee from it (flight)

  • Walter Cannon worked on the fight or flight response

    • Influenced others to go deeper into understanding stress

General adaption syndrome gas
General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)

  • Hans Selye

    • Expanded on Cannon’s ideas

    • Said that there were 3 stages of Stress – GAS

  • Phase 1: Alarm Reaction

    • Nervous system activated

    • Following your fight or flight response

  • Phase 2: Resistance

    • Outpouring of Stress

    • Respiration, temperature, and blood pressure high

    • Body is not made to be in this phase indefinitely

    • After event, body becomes depleted

General adaption syndrome gas1
General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)

  • Phase 3: Exhaustion

    • Greater susceptibility to illness and even death

    • Prolonged stress is physically deteriorating

    • Ex: Combat or child abuse cases affect the memory

Types of stressors
Types of Stressors

  • Daily Stress

    • Locker jams, economic upheaval, forgot your book, etc.

    • Can cause burn outs – state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion- can include depression, decreased performance, cynicism

  • Significant Changes

    • Significant personal changes in one’s life. Ex: Death of a loved one, leaving home

Types of stressors1
Types of Stressors

  • Catastrophes

    • Earthquakes, wars, flood, etc.

    • Prolonged exposure to stress

Stress related diseases
Stress related diseases

  • Stress and Cancer

    • Connection not entirely clear

    • Stress does not appear to create the cancer cells

    • BUT Stress definitely affects the body’s fighting ability

    • Stress can weaken immune system and body is much more likely to allow tumor growth

Stress related diseases1
Stress related Diseases

  • Stress and Heart problems

    • High levels of stress can increase the risk of heart disease

  • Type A and B personalities

    • Created by Meyer Friedmant and Ray Rosenman

    • Type A: impatient, competitive, hard driving, verbally aggressive, and anger prone – more likely to have heart attacks

    • Type B: laidback, easy going, and relaxed

Stress and wellness in high school
Stress and Wellnessin High School

  • Individually, take the General Well-Being Quiz. Be honest as possible.

  • Be sure to write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Once you have added up your points, answer the following questions on your answer sheet:

    • What does your score mean?

    • Do you believe it is accurate? Why/Why not?

    • What causes stress in high school students today? Explain

    • How might you decrease one’s stress level? Explain

    • When finished with questions, on a white sheet of paper, choose one way of decreasing stress levels for high school students and create a poster. Must include: a slogan, picture, and a brief explanation on the back why this would be helpful. Be sure to include COLOR! Staple answer sheet and poster together and turn in

Group projects promoting wellness
Group Projects – Promoting Wellness

  • In groups of 6 (some 5) You will create an advertisement to promote a type of wellness to our local community

  • Exercise

  • Family/Friends

  • Faith

  • Flow

  • Happiness

  • Optimism

  • Sleep

Group projects promoting wellness1
Group Projects – Promoting Wellness

  • In each group, you will need the following:

    • A commercial promoting your type of wellness (may be recorded or performed live)

    • Rap/song/poem –preformed in class

    • Ppt (at least 6 slides)

    • Argument of why your particular wellness is vital to healthy living ( Your not knocking the others down, just how, for example, exercise is very important…)

      • Argument will be written in 2 paragraphs

    • Project is worth 50 points and which group does the best will receive a quiz freebee coupon!