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Next-Generation Online Client Reporting Capabilities

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Next-Generation Online Client Reporting Capabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Next-Generation Online Client Reporting Capabilities. Rich Internet Reporting for Online Financial Management. Actuate Corporation. The World’s Major Firms Rely on Actuate. The World’s Largest Banks Depend on Actuate for Online-Channel Reporting.

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next generation online client reporting capabilities

Next-Generation Online ClientReporting Capabilities

Rich Internet Reporting for Online Financial Management

the world s largest banks depend on actuate for online channel reporting
The World’s Largest Banks Depend on Actuate for Online-Channel Reporting

Largest Banks in the World by Total AssetsAssets in Millions of Dollars

Actuate’s advanced reporting helps the world’s largest banks improve their online presence and customer satisfaction

what s motivating the world s leading wealth managers

“Clients need to view and access dozens of different portfolio products. We need togive them a complete picture from a single, sophisticated and aggregated dashboard.”

“Clients want to see the value we are adding. There’s a ‘show me’ attitude now, and clients are more engaged. You demonstrate the value with better reporting and you engage them with online information.”

World’s Leading Wealth Manger

Global Top 3 Firm

“Sophisticated Online Delivery is massively important as we enter new markets. ‘Emerging wealth and core affluent’ clients are a new breed.”

UK Leading Investment Firm

“We are far behind our competitors in this area and this project is about catching up. We also think of Google as our competition.”

Dominant US Bank

“Online User Experience is extremely important. Clients want more access to information in an elegant and efficient interface. We’re trying to stay in front of the competition.

Top 3 Asset and Custody Manger

What’s Motivating the World’s Leading Wealth Managers

Stimulate Growth

Client Satisfaction & Retention

Maintain Parity and Competitive Advantage

evolution of online channel reporting


Live Online Analysis

Evolution of Online Channel Reporting
  • Live Excel
  • What-if analysis
  • Charts and graphs
  • Data slicing and dicing
  • Customer-defined layouts

Next Generation Capabilities

Live Interaction,

Online Analysis, Live Excel, Personalization

User Needs

  • Unified dashboard views
  • Parameterization
  • Ad hoc reports

Roadmap Capabilities


  • Balance and transaction detail information
  • Current day, prior day and historical reporting
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Print, fax and e-mail options
  • Batch and real-time

Existing Capabilities

Basic accountinfo delivery,drill downand static export


next generation enabling technologies and new user demands are emerging
Next-Generation Enabling Technologies and New User Demands Are Emerging
  • Rich Internet Experience
  • Web 2.0
  • Portlet components
  • XML and derivatives
  • Dynamic, Ajax-based UI

Personal Dashboards

Integrate data from multiple sources

Multi-account views

Cross-account planning

SOA Infrastructure

Leverage existing systems and components


Data-driven environment

Open APIs to customize apps

summary goals for next generation online client reporting


My View


Simplify Decisions



Summary: Goals for Next Generation Online Client Reporting
  • UnifyAccounts
  • Active Dashboard