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New Program Deployment Training Slides: XStats and XMap PowerPoint Presentation
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New Program Deployment Training Slides: XStats and XMap

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New Program Deployment Training Slides: XStats and XMap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Program Deployment Training Slides: XStats and XMap. Agenda. Home Page XMap XStats Help Contacts. Home Page.

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  • Home Page
  • XMap
  • XStats
  • Help
  • Contacts
home page
Home Page
  • Your homepage will be reached through, Client Login, and then click on your company name. Once you click on your name, you should click on the link called Market Research Center and this will bring you to your companies home page. We recommend adding as a favorite for quick and easy access. On your site you will find:
    • Current news
    • Training schedules
    • Contact information for RTM and your program managers
    • Acknowledgements
xmap online demo
XMap Online Demo
  • RTM has developed market intelligence on all of your target information. We have incorporated your sales and customer files. Now you can view this intelligence geographically in seconds and gain market understanding in a visual way that allows informed decisions.
  • Uses:
    • Analyze markets
    • Analyze distributors
    • Analyze prospects
    • Analyze competitors
    • Analyze customers
  • Tools:
    • Pan tool
    • Layers
    • Info tool
    • Find
    • Email
    • Running reports
basic functions
Basic Functions
  • Zoom
    • Zoom in and out up to 20 levels.
  • Pan Map
    • Pan into a specific area by making box moving from top to bottom.
    • Pan out of a specific area by making box from bottom to top
    • Click different areas of screen to center picture around cursor.
  • Get Info
    • Get information on active layer by clicking on different points of map.




layers function
Layers Function
  • First, click on the layers button in the lower left hand portion of the map.
  • A list of layers will appear. You can choose any or all of these layers to show on the map.
  • I.E. In this case, the Best US Tire Markets are being shown. The darkest areas represent the best tire markets.



find function
Find Function
  • Use the FIND function to get specific information about certain points on a layer.
  • Example: Store details on Carroll Tire store in Macon, GA.
    • Select the active layer ‘Carroll Store List.’
    • Click FIND on the lower left of the map and make sure to use “Get Info” tool to click on the specific store wanted.
    • All of the information about that specific store will show to the left of and underneath the Map.
email function
Email Function
  • The Email tab gives you the ability to email anyone you choose a map of the screen you are working with.
  • I.E. send salespeople on the road maps of different locations to visit based on different sets of market data.
xstats online demo
XStats Online Demo
  • RTM has developed market intelligence on all of your locations. This program will give you the ability to analyze market size, demand by size, your stores penetration to that market, and the options you have to improve that stores performance. This information will allow consistent, well informed decisions making on product selection and screen development and maintenance.
  • Login
    • You will be issued a password
  • Application
    • Analyze Market Size
    • Analyze Coverage
    • Analyze Penetration
    • Analyze GMROI
    • Analyze Ranking
    • Select division
    • Select depth of query
    • Select State
    • Select City
    • Select Store
  • Detailed Query
    • How to use query buttons
    • Fitments
    • Details (current screen)
    • Product builder
      • Select, Update, and View
log in steps
Log In Steps
  • 1. Go to
  • 2.Click ‘Client Login’ on the left hand menu.
  • 3. Click on your companies name.
log in steps cont
Log In Steps Cont.
  • 4. Click ‘Market Research Center Home Page.’
  • 5. RTM Marketing Group suggests that you mark this to your ‘Favorites’ list for easy accessibility.
  • 6. Chose ‘XStats’ on left hand toolbar.
  • 7. Welcome to XStats!
basic application
Basic Application
  • Market Size
  • Coverage
  • Penetration
  • Market Potential
action buttons
Action Buttons
  • Outputs all vehicle fitment details for a specific tire size, and tells you how many of those vehicles that are on the road today.
  • Launches screen adjustment tool which allows you to select tires to add to customers inventory to better compete.
  • Outputs the current model stock for the selected tire size.
screen adjustment tool
Screen Adjustment Tool
  • To add stock to a certain tire, check the ‘Add’ radio button.
  • Once you have checked the add radio button for all needed stock, click ‘Update.’




  • Use the ‘View Order’ button to view your additions in a separate screen.
  • The ‘Export’ button will export the data into an Excel spreadsheet.


help contact us
Help/Contact Us


Contact Us

RTM Marketing Group

207-433-0865 Office

Jeff Riddle, President


Corey Bedell, Operations Manager


  • RTM will run in person classrooms as requested.
  • RTM will provide web-based training meetings monthly upon request.
  • RTM Customer Service will answer all questions and be available for one on one training and support during regular business hours.
users rights
Users Rights
  • Please review website terms for license details. Use of our website is acknowledgement of acceptance of these terms.
  • Programs will default if passwords are shared and used simultaneously. Please protect your password.