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mimio Training

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mimio Training
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  1. mimio Training Developed by Michelle Gaines Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Fayette County Public Schools November 26, 2006

  2. What is mimio? • Portable hardware with easy-to-use software that turns your whiteboard (flip chart, etc.) into a tool similar to a Smartboard. • Records, plays back, prints, and shares whiteboard information • Can also be used as a mouse pointing device when your Windows Desktop is projected onto your whiteboard • Can convert any whiteboard or smooth surface into an electronic whiteboard • Connects to any PC • Uses standard Expo markers (when placed in stylus) • Transports easily from one classroom to another or mounts for long-term installation

  3. How does it work? • Captures handwritten text and drawings in color • Uses infrared and ultrasound technology to track the position of your marker stylus and eraser on the board • Files are recorded as data files do you can keep on CD-ROM, etc.

  4. mimio capture bar mimio serial cable Stylus set Expo markers mimio pointer insert Eraser (and holder) Mimio control panel AAA batteries mimio CD Mounting brackets (for long-term installation) mimio Hardware

  5. mimio Software • mimio • mimioMouse • mimio plug-ins • Optional software components

  6. Installing the capture bar Installing the mimio serial cable Setting up the styli and eraser Installing software Troubleshooting 1. LED off 2. solid yellow 3. flashing yellow 4. solid green Basic mimio Set-up

  7. Writing and erasing 1. angle and pressure 2. buzzing 3. watch screen mimio Function Buttons 1. New Board 2. Tag Board 3. Print Board 4. Maximize Board 5. Locate Control Panel Basic mimio Features

  8. The mimio Application Window Double-click the flash file above to learn about the mimio Application window. If you cannot view the flash file, open the PDF file. The buttons will still work in the PDF file, but you will see many screens that were saved to track the movement of the mouse.

  9. Editing and Adding to your mimio files • Open your file to see a file that looks like this… If you cannot view the flash file above, open this PDF file. The buttons will still work, but you will have many extra pages to view because of the recording of the mouse.

  10. Saving/Exporting Options • Save as mimio file • Copy and Paste to export content • Export data as an image • Export data as HTML (example)

  11. Ideas for Use? • With your table members, make a list of 5 ways you can use this software in your class • mimio-compatible software???

  12. Resources • “Getting started with your mimio.” Virtual Ink Corporation. 1999-2000. • “Step by Step Guide to your mimio Technology System on Windows.” Virtual Ink Americas and Asia. • http://www.debugmode.com/wink