the male genital organs an overview n.
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The Male Genital Organs – an Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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The Male Genital Organs – an Overview

The Male Genital Organs – an Overview

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The Male Genital Organs – an Overview

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  1. The Male Genital Organs – an Overview Per Brodal Institutt for medisinske basalfag Universitetet i Oslo 9th Semester 2008

  2. Vesicula seminalis (glandula vesiculosa) Ductus deferens Prostatic gland Urethra Penis Part of the pelvic floor (diaphragma urogenitale) Epididymis Glandula bulbourethrales Testis Overview P. Brodal 2008

  3. Peritoneum Testis Scrotum Descent of the Testes during Development Retentio testis (kryptorchismus): Whenthe testes do not reachthe scrotum The testes develop on the posterior abdominal wall Processusvaginalis Tunica vaginalis P. Brodal 2008

  4. Peritoneum Transverse fascia Internal oblique muscle Cremaster muscle (striated) Ductus deferens Fascia spermatica interna Skin (fat-free) Tunica Dartos (smooth muscles) Tunica vaginalis The Layers of the Scrotum: Derived from the Abdominal Wall The scrotum is designed for temperature-control Testis P. Brodal 2008

  5. Tunica vaginalis (parietal layer) Cremaster muscle Fascia spermatica interna Epididymis Testis Scrotum and the Spermatic Cord P. Brodal 2008

  6. Plexus pampiniformis Cremaster muscle Ductus deferens Arteria testicularis Ductus deferens Plexus pampiniformis The Spermatic Cord (Funiculus spermaticus) Arteria testicularis P. Brodal 2008

  7. Transversus abdominis muscle External oblique muscle Internal oblique muscle Inguinal (indirect) hernia Anulus inguinalis superficialis Spermatic cord The Inguinal Canal Anulusinguinalisprofundus Thieme, Atlas of Human Anatomy 2006 P. Brodal 2008

  8. Testis and Epididymis Tunica albuginea Caput epididymidis Ductus epididymidis (6 m) Ductus deferens P. Brodal 2008

  9. Urethra Colliculus seminalis TheProstatic gland Peripheral glands Inner glands Inner = periurethral (hypertrophycommon) Outer = main (cancer common) P. Brodal 2008

  10. The Male Urethra and Associated Glands Prostatic gland Vesicula seminalis Colliculus seminalis Pars prostatica Pars membranacea Pars spongiosa Bulbourethral glands P. Brodal 2008 Ductus ejaculatorius

  11. Glands Ampulla of ductus deferens Colliculus seminalis Vesicula seminalis Urogenital diaphragm Prostata bulbo-urethral glands Openings of ducts from bulbo-urethral glands The bladder and prostatic gland from behind Netter P. Brodal 2008

  12. Penis Glans penis Corpora cavernosa Corpus spongiosum Ischiocavernosus muscle Urethra Fossa navicularis Bulbus penis Bulbospongiosus muscle P. Brodal 2008

  13. Squeezing of veins Tunica albuginea Arterial dilatation Blood-filled caverns Mechanism of Erection – Corpora cavernosa P. Brodal 2008

  14. Common iliac artery (a. iliaca communis) Superior and inferior gluteal arteries Internal iliac artery (a. iliaca interna) External iliac artery (a. iliaca externa) Obturator artery (a. obturatoria) Internal pudendal artery (a. pudenda interna) Arteries ofthe pelvis Superior vesical artery Middle rectal artery (Uterine) P. Brodal 2008

  15. Arterial supply of the pelvis P. Brodal 2008

  16. Internal iliac Internal pudendal Inferior gluteal Variations: Branching of internal iliac artery P. Brodal 2008

  17. Blood Supply of the Testis Testicularartery Venous drainage P. Brodal 2008

  18. BloodSupplyofthe Penis Internal pudendal artery Dorsal artery Deep arteries P. Brodal 2008

  19. Lymphatic Drainage of the Testes and Scrotum Lumbar lymph nodes Superficial inguinal lymph nodes P. Brodal 2008

  20. Scrotal Swelling – What can it be? Inguinal hernia Hydrocele Spermatocele Bimanual examination Varicocele Epididymitis Testicular tumor Thieme Atlas of Anatomy Is the mass confined to the scrotum? Is there a transient enlargement when the patients coughs? Is the mass translucent? P. Brodal 2008