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Weather Prediction

Max Oxman. Weather Prediction. Why is weather forecasting important?. Planning activities Planting and harvesting crops Protect livestock Scheduling flights. Saves lives Saves property

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Weather Prediction

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  1. Max Oxman Weather Prediction

  2. Why is weather forecasting important? Planning activities Planting and harvesting crops Protect livestock Scheduling flights

  3. Saves lives Saves property One third of the money that people spend in the US is at least partially dependent on weather. This equals three trillion dollars.

  4. How do you predict the weather? • Clouds • Wind • Air Pressure • Temperature • Static • Feel it in your bones

  5. Ways of Forecasting • Persistence method • Trends method

  6. Advanced Weather Prediction • Technology • Science • Math

  7. Meteorologist • Their goal is to explain, understand, observe and forecast the Earth's atmospheric phenomena • A scientist who studies weather • Work Quickly

  8. Tools • Satellites • Radars • Weather stations • Sensors • Observers

  9. How do you get a forecast? Internet Radio TV Almanac

  10. NOAA • A governmental scientific agency • Specializes in weather prediction • Warns of dangerous weather • Climate Research

  11. Weather Balloons • Filled with helium or hydrogen, they are launched twice a day from around the world. • They record temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed at different heights in the atmosphere.

  12. Satellites • Satellites allow meteorologists to see what the earth and clouds look like from space. • This way, forecasters can see how the atmosphere is behaving.

  13. Global Circulation • Basic air movement patterns • Lots of variation within these large zones

  14. RADAR • RAdio Detection And Ranging • Doppler detects what type of precipitation is inside a cloud • Tracks movement (rotation inside, look out for tornadoes) • Predicts destination of cloud

  15. Supercomputers • Puts collected data onto maps • Calculates forecasts • More powerful = More accurate

  16. Weather Symbols

  17. Works Cited • Ways of Forecasting: http://ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu/(Gh)/guides/mtr/fcst/mth/prst.rxml • Supercomputers: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/0829_050829_supercomputer_2.html • Weather Symbols & Weather Balloons :http://weathereye.kgan.com/cadet/forecast/activity.html • Global Circulation & Meteriorologist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Earth_Global_Circulation.jpg#filelinks • Weather Balloons: http://weathereye.kgan.com/cadet/forecast/forecasting.html • NOAA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noaa • Radar: http://www.srh.weather.gov/jetstream/doppler/how.htm

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