2009 fungicide application research n.
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2009 Fungicide Application Research

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2009 Fungicide Application Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009 Fungicide Application Research.

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2009 fungicide application research

2009 Fungicide Application Research

In 2009, we experimented with one of our inbreeds. We applied two applications of Headline Fungicide at the 6 ounce rate per acre at the V8 stage on three of the four samples of the same inbred. Later just before brown silk we applied a second 6 ounce rate per acre on all four samples of the same inbred.

This inbred increase was 1.5 acres and consisted of four, six row replications of the inbred. Each 6 row replication was separated by 6 rows of another inbred to make test crosses. The plot was planted on field corn residue. The plot variables (irrigation, fertilizer, environmental damage, etc…) were controlled and this was a very uniform plot providing good comparison data.

The inbred showed pressure early form grey leaf spot, eye spot, and bacterial wilt. Three of the six row replications were sprayed at the V8 stage to see if any positive response would result by spraying early in the plants life. At this time the plot was sprayed with the 6 ounce rate with a back pack applicator.

The plot was sprayed at the recommended stage (brown silk) or just before with another application. This time all four, six row replications were sprayed with the 6 ounce rate with an aerial applicator.


One application

Two applications


One Application

Two applications



The replications with two applications of headline definitely responded better with improved plant health. The ears and plants were larger. The plants with two applications also were standing better through harvest. At harvest the ear size and kernel size was larger on the replications with two applications.

Our recommendation is not necessarily to spray your popcorn fields with two applications of fungicide, but to scout early and often for signs of added pressure from leaf and environmental issues and to consider two applications.

The key is to note added disease pressure early and make a decision at this time to spray a fungicide. I’m confident that the improved plant health observed with this inbred was caused by an added application of a fungicide when disease pressure was noted early in the plants developmental stages.

Scouting the fields and being aware of your environment (temperatures, humidity, corn on corn, etc...) will help you with this decision of when to spray and how much.Active ingredients belonging to the strobilurum and/or trizole groups or most effective agents for foliar pathogens of corn1.  Headline (company BASF) active ingredient is Pyraclostrobine.   Headline is the only fungicide that incorporates Pyraclostrobine as its main and only antifungal ingredient.  We recommend Headline to everyone, although there are several good fungicides on the market.  I'm attaching a link to a study that was done on the different fungicides and there results.  There is some good information and recommended uses and rates.  When looking at this study the results on the field corn are not very great.  Headline had the best performance overall.  The amount the fungicides boosted yield was not a lot and some cases not at all.  Remember this though, with field corn its all about protecting yield.  *With popcorn protecting yield is important but the most important is protecting quality.  We have seen that applying fungicides helps protect that quality by providing an overall boost in performance and protection in the plant from fungus in that important grain filling or starch formation stage in the plant that exists between tassel and maturity.