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  2. Ghana has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world 60%of Ghana’s unemployed are between 15 and 24 years old

  3. that’s not all…

  4. High unemployment among women & youth Low economic empowerment for women Poverty High dropout rates

  5. the answer? ENTREPRENEURSHIP

  6. Small business owners create 86% of the world’s jobs Job creation reduces poverty in developing countries Strong local businesses are the key to ending poverty and bringing development

  7. but, in rural Ghana…

  8. Little or no capacity-building resources for women and youth entrepreneurs Low access to technology Little access to experienced mentors

  9. Our solution? E-Coaching Centre in rural Ghana to mentor 100 entrepreneurs every year

  10. what is an E-Coaching Centre?

  11. An E-Coaching Centre is: A PLACEwhere local entrepreneurs can learn better and faster, using technology. The E-Coaching Centre provides internet access and computer equipment. A PROGRAM that links young local entrepreneurs to internationally experienced mentors (E-Coaches). The E-Coaches provide young entrepreneurs with business support and advice, and accompanying them through the process of setting up their business and finding solutions to specific business challenges.

  12. The E-Coaching Centre will work with the community to provide: Information Training Advice Coaching Mentoring Education Networking Support

  13. For whom?

  14. Long-term benefits: Inspiring environment for entrepreneurs Technology in the rural areas Socio-economic development Job opportunities for locals

  15. a little about us…?

  16. We are the Association of African Entrepreneurs AAE supports sustainable development in businesses throughout Africa. The key focus is on advocacy, education, information and networking support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are just as important as those currently in business. AAE is striving to provide education & training for young entrepreneurs. This initiative includes apprenticeships, self-study, coaching and mentoring. AAE trains current and future entrepreneurs to develop the skills needed to run successful small businesses.

  17. To help us build our E-Coaching Centre, visit from November 26 to December 31, 2012, and make a donation. If you still want to find out more, visit: