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King Richard 3rd

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King Richard 3rd . by Thomas Saxby. WHO WAS RICHARD THE 3 rd ?. Richard was the last yorkist king of England, whose death at the battle of Bosworth effectively ended the wars of the Roses. WHO WAS RICHARD?.

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King Richard 3rd

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king richard 3rd

King Richard 3rd

by Thomas Saxby.



Richard was the last yorkist king of England, whose death at the battle of Bosworth effectively ended the wars of the Roses.

who was richard

He has become infamous because of the disappearance of his young nephews the princes in the Tower- and through William Shakespeare's play ‘Richard iii’.

what was his childhood like

Born in Northamptonshire England, on October 2, 1452, King Richard iii remains one of England,s


One of Richard III's most unnatural crimes, according to Tudor propaganda, was his false accusation that his own mother, Cecily Neville, was an adulteress. Polydore Vergil asserted that she 'complanyd afterward in sundry places to right many noblemen …of that great injury'. More recently Michael K Jones has suggested that Edward IV really was a bastard and that Richard's claim to the throne was largely inspired by this fact, abetted by his mother.

Did he have a good relationship with his family

Richard and Anne had first met when he was taken into her father’s household at Middleham Castle on the death of his own father in 1460

what was richards marriage like
What was Richards marriage like

Lady Anne Neville was an English noblewoman, the daughter of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, who became Princess of Wales as the wife of Edward of Westminster and Queen of England as the consort of King Richard III.

how did richard become king
How did Richard become King

As The Royal Protector for his underage nephew king Edward V, he then had his two royal nephews (Edward and Richard of Shrewbury) imprisoned in the tower of London for protection, where they mysteriously disappeared. He then proclaimed himself King.

why is richard so famous
Why is Richard so famous

Richard III is famous for being the last King of England to die on the battle field as he was defeated by Henry Tudor VII at Bosworth and he was the last King ever to exist in the House of York. He was the King for a period of just more than two years in the 15th century and he is known for his ruthless murders of 'the princes in the Tower'.

what did richard look like

After the Grey friars bones had been scanned, a 3D scan of the skull was sent to the University of Dundee where the muscles and skin were modelled by Caroline Wilkinson, Professor of Craniofacial Identification at the University of Dundee, using a computer process known as stereolithography.