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  1. A B C D 3rd A B C D 4th A B C D 5th A B C D 6th

  2. ①Hi, I'm Bobo(3학년) Jina: Hi, I'm Jina. Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin. Jina: Nice to meet you, Kevin. Kevin: Nice to meet you, too. Jina: Bye, Kevin. Kevin: Bye, Jina.

  3. ②It's a ball(3학년) Jina: What's this? Tina: It's a pen. Jina: A pen? Tina: Yes, It's a pen. Rahul: What's that? Tina: It's a cup. Jina, Rahul: Wow, It's nice.

  4. ③ Stand Up, Please(3학년) • Kevin: Open the window, please. • Rahul: Okay. • Tina: Jina, stand up. • Jina: Yes, Tina. • Teacher: Wow, it's nice. • Jina: Uh-uh. Close the window.

  5. ④Happy Birthday!(3학년) Family and friends: Happy birthday, Jina! Father: This is for you! Jina: Oh, Thank you. Is it a doll? Mother: No, it isn't. Open it. Jina: Wow, it's a robot.

  6. ① My name is Minho(4학년) • Miss Kim: Good morning, class. • Students: Good morning, Miss Kim. • Miss Kim: This is your new classmate, Kate. • Kate: Hello, my name is Kate. • Nice to meet you. • Students: Nice to meet you, too. • Miss Kim: Kate, sit over there, please. • Kate: Okay.

  7. ② It's in the Box(4학년) • Minho's mom: Minho, you're late. • Minho: Oh, where's my cap? • Kate: It's in the box. • Minho: Where's my watch? • Minho's mom: It's on the bed. • Minho: Oh, here it is. Thanks, mom. • Minho's mom: Minho! Here's your lunch box.

  8. ③Don't Touch That!(4학년) • Auntie: Good morning. • Minho: Good morning. • Auntie: Oh, it's green. • You can go now. • Minho: Thank you. • Auntie: Oh, no! Don't run. • Watch out! • Auntie: Are you okay? • Willy: Yes, I'm okay. I'm sorry.

  9. ④What time Is It Now?(4학년) • Minho: I like it. • Lian: It's so fun. • Minho's mom: Minho! Let's go home now. • Minho: What time is it, mom? • Minho's mom: It's six o'clock. It's time for • dinner. • Minho: Okay. Goodbye! • Nick, Lian: See you!

  10. ① I'm from Brazil(5학년) • Jiho: Oh, he's coming. He's coming. Let's sit. • Mr. Brown: Hello, everyone. • Students: Hello. • Mr. Brown: My name is Mike Brown. I'm from Canada. • Yuna: I know about Canada. • Mr. Brown: What's your name? • Yuna: My name is Yuna. Yuna Park. • Mr. Brown: Yeona? • Yuna: No, Yuna. • Mr. Brown: How do you spell your name? • Yuna: Y-U-N-A. • Mr. Brown: Oh, I see. Yuna. That's a pretty name.

  11. ②Whose Umbrella Is This?(5학년) • Tom: What a wonderful day! • Jiho: Yes, it's very nice. Let's play outside. • Tom: OK. • Tom: Look! There's a watch. • Jiho: What a nice watch! Whose watch is it? • Tom: Let me see. Eunice? • Jiho: Who's Eunice? • Tom: I don't know. • Yuna: Hey, that's mine. • Jiho: Is this yours? • Yuna: Yes, it is. Eunice is my English name.

  12. ③Where's the Ice Cream Store?(5학년) • Yuna: Can I help you? • Visitor: Yes, please. Where's the music room? • Yuna: It's on the fifth floor. You can use the elevator. • Vistitor: Umm... Where's the elevator? • Yuna: It's over there. Go straight and turn right. • Visitor: Go straight and turn right? • Yuna: Yes. Wait! Let's go together. • Visitor: Oh, there it is. Thanks a lot. • Yuna: No problem. • Visitor: Your English is very good.

  13. ④Do You Want Some More?(5학년) • Sally: Wow, everything looks delicious. • Yuna: Do you like Korean food? • Sally: Yes, I do. • Yuna: Go ahead. Help yourself. • Sally: Thanks. Mmm, this bulgogi is delicious. • Yuna: Do you want some more? • Sally: No, thanks. I'll try other food. • Yuna: How about some japchae? It's noodles and vegetables. • Sally: Mmm, it's really good. • Yuna: Do you want some more? • Sally: Yes, please.

  14. ① What Grade Are You In?(6학년) • Ms. White: Hi, Mina. How's it going? • Mina: I'm okay, thanks. How about you, Ms. White? • Ms. White: I'm fine, too. What grade are you in, Mina? • Mina: I'm in the sixth grade. • Ms. White: What class are you in? • Mina: I'm in Grade 6. class2. • Ms. White: Great! I'm going there now. • Mina: I'm so excited. I like your class. • Ms. White: Thank you. Let's go.

  15. ②I'll Play the Guitar(6학년) • Mina: We have Show and Tell next week. What will you do, Taeho? • Taeho: I have no idea. How about you, Mina? • Mina: I'll do a magic show. • Taeho: That's interesting! Good luck! • Mina: Thanks. • Taeho: What will you do, Brian? • Brian: Sorry. I don't want to tell you now. • Taeho: Oh. Please tell me. • Brian: No way! Wait until next week.

  16. ③I Have a Fever(6학년) • Taeho: Hi, Ms. Angel. • Ms. Angel: Hi, Taeho. What's the matter? • Taeho: I have a headache. • Ms. Angel: Really? Let me check. Oh, you have a fever. Do you have a runny nose, too? • Taeho: Yes, I do. • Ms. Angel: You have a bad cold. You should go to see a doctor. I will call your homeroom teacher. • Taeho: Thank you, Ms. Angel. • Ms. Angel: Take care.

  17. ④When Is Your Birthday(6학년) • Brian: Our club has special plans for Earth Day. • Mina: When is Earth Day? • Brian: It's April 22nd. • Mina: What will you do? • Brian: We'll pick up cans and bottles and have an Earth Day parade. • Mina: That sounds fun. Can I join the parade? • Brian: No problem. • Mina: Thanks. Anyway, what day is April 30th? There are five stars on that day. • Brian: It's my birthday.