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Coast To Coast Skate Shop. Owner: Jorden Crispell. Mission Statement.

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Owner jorden crispell

Coast To Coast

Skate Shop

Owner: Jorden Crispell

Mission statement
Mission Statement

  • Coast to Coast Skate Shop provides customers with the highest quality clothing, footwear, accessories, skate parts including but not limited to bearings, wheels, trucks, grip tape, and etc….. We strive as a company to meet the customers every demand after all quality is our top priority. You the customers are the heart of our company.

Form of ownership
Form Of Ownership

  • Coast To Coast Skate Shop is a soul proprietorship

  • The owner of the business is me Jorden Crispell



Long Term:

Pay off debt

Establish a global

Have a solid customer base

increase the amount of lessons by 75%

Spread to different stores

Short Term:

Have a known store

Sell 3/4ths inventory

Start a customer base

Establish an online store

Target market customer profile
Target Market/Customer Profile

  • Customer profile

  • Our aim is for customers anywhere from 8 to 38 year olds who love and have a passion for skate boarding and skate boarding accessories. We aim for people to enjoy our products and want to keep coming back. The following numbers are for average age how many male and female African American or white males also the average house hold income.

  • Average age for males is 32 years old

  • Average age for females is 36 years old

  • Average house hold income is anywhere between 50,000 and 74,999

  • The majority of this target market lives in or near down town Vestal. People in Vestal NY like sports and sports accessories so I think opening my store in Vestal NY people will buy my products.

Products services

  • Coast To Coast Skate Shop will offer a wide variety of products such as skate boards, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, hard ware, t shirts, shoes, pants, head phones, watches, belts, and sweat shirts

  • We will also have an indoor skate park that is well maintained and offer lessons


  • Vestal NY 13850


  • Primary:

  • Kingsbury's Cyclery

  • Indirect competitor

  • 228 W Water St, Elmira, NY ‎

  • (607) 733-3465 ‎ · kingsburyscyclery.com

  • "Here is a place that does everything for bikes. From selling bikes ..." - insiderpages.com

  • B C Bicycles 

  • Indirect competitor

  • 215 Vestal Pkwy E, Vestal, NY ‎

  • (607) 785-3772 ‎ · bcbicycles.com

  • 4.0 6 reviews ·

  • "Decent prices, great service, one of the best shopsaround the area in my ..." -

  • Chain Reaction Bike & Skate

    Indirect competitor

    205 E 14th St, Elmira, NY ‎

    (607) 732-2453 ‎ · chainreactionbikeandskate.com


  • Title: president

  • Qualifications: high school and college education required. Have to be able to deal with people and big issues such as money and product issues.

  • Salary: 30,000

  • Title: Vice President

  • Qualifications: at least a high school education is required, needs good problem solving skills, also communication skills and ability to get along with other people. At least 4 years of experience required.

  • Salary: 22,000

  • Title: Accountant

  • Qualifications: A high school and college diploma required for this job. Good with numbers and money. Know the ins and outs of the business and financial aspects. Have to have at least 5 years of experience.

  • Salary: 20,000 a year

  • Title: cashier

  • Qualifications: A high school education is required. Must have social skills. Have good communication skills and the ability to get along with people. Experience doesn’t matter.

  • Salary: 10,000 a year

  • Title: Web site creator

  • Qualifications: A high school education is required. needs to be able to use dream weaver and photo shop to complete our web site. Needs to be trained already. 2 years’ experience.

  • Salary: 20,000 a year

  • Title: Sales associate

  • Qualifications: High School education is required. needs to be social and have communication skills. Needs to know where everything in the store is. Experience not required.

  • Salary: 10,000

  • Lesson provider

  • Qualifications: no college education required , high school education is required, has to know the in`s and out`s of skateboarding including safety rules, board set up, and patience

  • Salary: no set salary yet

Financial statements
Financial statements

  • The total estimated start up cost is $194,082

  • The total estimated revenue is $101548.85

  • Forecasted revenues

  • Items Revenues

  • DGK poke smot $9,592

  • Enjoi P.E. hoodie $31,493

  • Pudwell plan b $29,994

  • Silver Nyjah Houston trucks $9,495

  • Total revenue for products only is $80,574

Executive summary
Executive summary

  • Coast to Coast Skate Shop is a sole proprietorship run and owned by: Jorden Crispell. The purpose of Coast to Coast Skate Shop is to provide our customers with the highest quality skate boards and skate accessories also lessons and a safe place to skate. This company was founded and established in 2013. We as a business are hoping to be able to grow and expand by the year 2015. Our company offers products such as boards, hoodies, t-shirts, skate supplies and accessories, we also offer an indoor skate park which is a drug and tobacco free zone as well as a safe place to skate we will be offering lessons for beginners, novice, and experienced skate boarders. Also people can come in and rent the gear as an added part for the lessons only.

  • The reason behind this business is throughout my life I’ve always had a passion for skate boarding, But more and more often I`m seeing people getting in trouble for skating in the streets, So as a business we are going to make a top of the line street coarse so that we don’t have to hear as many reports about kids and teens being arrested for skating in the streets. As a business that wants to offer so many great opportunities for the kids and young adults in a community we will make sure to keep every ones safety in mind when it comes to the way Coast To Coast Skate Shop is ran.

Coast to coast skate shop
Coast To Coast Skate Shop

  • "First you're a part of it, then it becomes a part of you“