Howard phillips 1941 2013
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Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013. Howie, you made a huge difference, and all who love freedom under God’s laws are deeply in your debt. Rest in Peace, my friend. Richard A. Viguerie , Chairman, Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013.

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Howard phillips 1941 2013
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howie, you made a huge difference, and all who love freedom under God’s laws are deeply in your debt. Rest in Peace, my friend.Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman,

Howard phillips 1941 20131
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard Phillips (L) President Ronald Reagan (C) Rev. Jerry Falwell (R)

In 1979, Howie was one of four conservatives who met with Reverend Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, Virginia, in a meeting that led directly to the formation of the Moral Majority organization, which in turn launched the religious right movement.

Howard phillips 1941 20132
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard Phillips addressing the 1981 Conservative Political Action Conference.The Conservative Caucus, with Howie as Chairman had over 300,000 supporters, and was for a time the largest and most effective grassroots conservative organization in the country.

Howard phillips 1941 20133
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Richard Viguerie (L) The Honorable Helen Marie Taylor (C) Howard Phillips (R)

Helen Marie Taylor, U.S. representative, United Nations (1986-87) who served on the board of directors of The Conservative Caucus Foundation, was one of many prominent Americans to support Howie and the Conservative Caucus.

Howard phillips 1941 20134
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Senator Jim McClure (L) Howard Phillips (C) Senator Jesse Helms (R)

During the 1970s and 1980s, Howard Phillips was one of the most articulate, important, effective, and high-profile conservatives opposing both big-government Republicans and Democrats.

Howard phillips 1941 20135
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard Phillips (L) Angolan Anti-Communist Leader Jonas Savimbi (C) Richard Viguerie (R)

Howard Phillip’s leadership helped change the Republican Party, and in the process helped change America and much of the world.

Howard phillips 1941 20136
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard Phillips and Richard Viguerie on the set of “This Week with David Brinkley” on the one-year anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.Howard was a member of a small group (8-10) of national conservative leaders who began meeting for breakfast at my home near Washington to plan and implement conservative strategy. If there ever was something resembling Hillary Clinton’s vast right wing conspiracy, this was it.

Richard Viguerie, Chairman,

Howard phillips 1941 20137
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard’s disappointment and disillusionment with the Republican Party eventually caused him to leave the GOP and run for president three times on the Constitution Party ticket.

Howard phillips 1941 20138
Howard Phillips 1941 - 2013

Howard Phillips was a tireless and effective leader for all who believe in liberty and limited government, as set forth in our country’s founding documents, especially the Constitution. Among his many legacies is the conservative movement’s aggressive opposition to big-government politicians that is today best embodied by Tea Party constitutional conservatives.