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Film Promotion and marketing

Film Promotion and marketing. Louis Eastwood. Target Audience. Demographics for target audience of 28 days later. Our film rating will be a 15 and will be targeted to both British and Americans, who of which are predominantly male and within the age group of 15-30.

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Film Promotion and marketing

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  1. Film Promotion and marketing Louis Eastwood

  2. Target Audience Demographics for target audience of 28 days later. • Our film rating will be a 15 and will be targeted to both British and Americans, who of which are predominantly male and within the age group of 15-30. • Our film will be mainstream so not only a British audience will be attracted, but also others from around the world • Males from around the age of 15-30 will be mainly targeted because of the strong horror and zombie element, which may be both upsetting and disturbing to a younger audience. also because the majority of main characters used in our film will be male and also around the college age group, of which are not yet seen as men, but kids neither. which a male audience of similar age will be able to relate to more than any others. This age group are also heavily involved in social networking and up-to-date technology. This means they can easily be attracted by advertisements, links and can easily find forums to discuss upcoming films and to create a real buzz. • The typical kind of guy interested in this film, would be one of which who has left secondary school, recently left home and has taken up further education in the likes of college or university. These kind of people will be able to relate to the independent journey of our film, people who have recently begun to start caring over themselves and are losing the dependency of the family. This age group are also the most willing to be in to adrenaline packed activities and enjoy watching terrifying movies. This kind of person spends a lot of time with friends and is looking to keep occupied hence the attraction to our movie. Chart suggests males from the age of 18-29 are the biggest viewer of this genre

  3. Marketing and why it’s important • When a new film is created it has to be advertised like any other product, to let everybody know that it exists and also to encourage them into going to see this film. The marketing is thought of as being the most important part in selling your film, even more than the production stages. Films are very expensive to produce and if the audience do not buy tickets to see your film, then huge losses can be made. The distributor is the company in charge of this process. They finance and design how the film will be marketed. They watch the film months before it has been released and plan the campaign in terms of what goes into the different marketing methods, such as trailers, posters and websites. They aim these different methods at the target audience and those who are most likely to see the film. For example, a younger target audience can be easily reached by the use of promotion via social networking sites and also gaming platforms, like xbox and ps3.

  4. Distributor • We believe that our film will be mainstream and has the ability to attract a mass audience. In order to do this and reach the audience that we want we would need a medium/high budget. This would enable us to create a well planned and creative marketing campaign and also would help our production process, allowing us to use well known and good actors which can be used to sell a film on it’s own and also good special effects and big explosions. • We would like our film to be distributed by ‘20th century fox’. This company would be perfect in terms of supplying a large budget, it also has experience and a wide knowledge of the target audience we wish to attract. ‘20th century fox’ has already distributed ’28 days later’, ‘wrong turn’ and ‘alien’ all of which films involve elements which are similar and relate to our film. This company has also been very successful in terms of sales revenue, e.g. the Alien franchise including Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and Prometheus, all combined a total budget of $279,000,000 million dollars and generated a massive worldwide sales revenue of $956,659,302. This means that the whole film franchise created a profit of $677,659,302.

  5. 28 Days later- Marketing methods 28 days Later is a post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle (2002). This movie unexpectedly sold more tickets via box office than big budget horror movies, ‘xxx’ and ‘Lilo and stitch’. ‘20th Century Fox’ ‘began a£600,000 television campaign five weeks ahead of the film's release, placing TV spots mostly in male-skewed programming such as high-profile football games’ ‘These spots featured audience reaction footage taken by night vision cameras of an invited preview audience to entice audiences in.’ this helped make the movie seem a lot more horrific by showing genuine footage of audience jumping out of there seats in fear, spilling food and close up’s of faces in severe shock. “Equally effective was the£170,000 outdoor print campaign which included fly-posting featuring dialogue from the film such as "the end is extremely f**king nigh". This a form of push advertising that has been used, where the audience have no choice but too see advertisements. There pushed into the face of the viewer. Reference- http://www.screendaily.com/marketing-campaign-raises-awareness-of-28-days-later/4011159.article

  6. 28 days later revenue Here are some statistics for the box office takings of the film ‘28 Days Later. The expected budget of this film is around £8million pounds. Weekend Gross $3,479 (USA) (26 October2003) (8 Screens)$6,253 (USA) (19 October2003) (16 Screens)$14,778 (USA) (12 October2003) (28 Screens)$26,094 (USA) (5 October2003) (51 Screens)$43,765 (USA) (28 September2003) (93 Screens)$61,131 (USA) (21 September2003) (136 Screens)$144,640 (USA) (14 September2003) (212 Screens)$241,788 (USA) (7 September2003) (248 Screens)$485,803 (USA) (31 August2003) (220 Screens)$289,274 (USA) (24 August2003) (247 Screens)$456,133 (USA) (17 August2003) (336 Screens)$890,918 (USA) (10 August2003) (647 Screens)$1,664,030 (USA) (3 August2003) (842 Screens)$2,341,887 (USA) (27 July2003) (915 Screens)$2,541,940 (USA) (20 July2003) (1,310 Screens)$4,249,700 (USA) (13 July2003) (1,396 Screens)$6,007,796 (USA) (6 July2003) (1,318 Screens)$10,061,858 (USA) (29 June2003) (1,260 Screens)£74,982 (UK) (15 December2002) (127 Screens)£115,576 (UK) (8 December2002) (178 Screens)£195,177 (UK) (1 December2002) (214 Screens)£371,139 (UK) (24 November2002) (270 Screens)£768,687 (UK) (17 November2002) (319 Screens)£1,073,142 (UK) (10 November2002) (320 Screens)£1,500,079 (UK) (3 November2002) (318 Screens)€45,647 (Italy) (6 July2003) (47 Screens)€170,982 (Italy) (22 June2003) (216 Screens)€104,690 (Spain) (31 August2003) (135 Screens)€137,462 (Spain) (24 August2003) (172 Screens)€272,878 (Spain) (17 August2003) (226 Screens)€389,296 (Spain) (10 August2003) (240 Screens)€582,271 (Spain) (3 August2003) (240 Screens)€984,081 (Spain) (27 July2003) (240 Screens)€1,205,639 (Spain) (20 July2003) (239 Screens) Admissions 49,223 (Brazil) (27 July2003)155,357 (France) (10 June2003)95,134 (France) (3 June2003)535,471 (Germany) (20 July2003)454,818 (Germany) (29 June2003)388,986 (Germany) (22 June2003)296,058 (Germany) (15 June2003)142,067 (Germany) (8 June2003)22,289 (Netherlands) (31 December2003)1,198,134 (Spain) (24 August2003)1,121,616 (Spain) (17 August2003)1,005,078 (Spain) (10 August2003)832,021 (Spain) (3 August2003)631,724 (Spain) (27 July2003)245,333 (Spain) (20 July2003) • Opening Weekend • $10,061,858 (USA) (29 June2003) (1,260 Screens)£1,500,079 (UK) (3 November2002) (318 Screens)€314,596 (Italy) (15 June2003) (235 Screens)€1,205,639 (Spain) (20 July2003) (239 Screens)Gross • $45,063,889 (USA) (26 October2003)$45,057,058 (USA) (19 October2003)$45,044,254 (USA) (12 October2003)$45,018,612 (USA) (5 October2003)$44,969,146 (USA) (28 September2003)$44,900,469 (USA) (21 September2003)$44,777,706 (USA) (14 September2003)$44,539,636 (USA) (7 September2003)$44,210,662 (USA) (31 August2003)$43,578,691 (USA) (24 August2003)$43,025,325 (USA) (17 August2003)$42,074,271 (USA) (10 August2003)$40,294,752 (USA) (3 August2003)$37,304,321 (USA) (27 July2003)$33,398,474 (USA) (20 July2003)$28,448,989 (USA) (13 July2003)$20,557,346 (USA) (6 July2003)$10,061,858 (USA) (29 June2003)$45,064,915 (USA)£6,140,420 (UK) (15 December2002)£6,007,403 (UK) (8 December2002)£5,782,403 (UK) (1 December2002)£5,392,174 (UK) (24 November2002)£4,678,281 (UK) (17 November2002)£3,338,507 (UK) (10 November2002)£1,500,079 (UK) (3 November2002)$37,654,970 (Worldwide) (except USA)$82,719,885 (Worldwide)€1,118,411 (Italy) (7 September2003)€1,050,176 (Italy) (6 July2003)€723,782 (Italy) (22 June2003)€314,596 (Italy) (15 June2003)€5,749,200 (Spain) (31 August2003)€5,544,945 (Spain) (24 August2003)€5,206,614 (Spain) (17 August2003)€4,675,579 (Spain) (10 August2003)€3,898,157 (Spain) (3 August2003)€2,851,869 (Spain) (27 July2003)€1,205,639 (Spain) (20 July2003) Reference- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0289043/

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