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Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

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Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting
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Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

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  1. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting Responsible Sourcing and Factory Audits -Jeff Lough – Sr Director, Retail and Operations, Responsible Sourcing at Walmart 1

  2. Article IV: Membership Eligibility: Membership in any RLUG local chapter is open to any that has a current, valid, Retail Link ID. This membership is subject to the compliance of all rules and regulations of the Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Supplier Agreement, Retail Link Legal Agreement, and these by-laws. Reasonable security measures must be taken at meetings to insure that attendees are in fact eligible for attendance. No Wal-Mart confidential information is to be shared to other than authorized individuals. These measures can include checking identification, issuing member badges, etc as well as adhere to VICS Anti-Trust Guidelines.. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  3. Please, SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  4. VICS Antitrust Guidelines • Don’t discuss Price or anything that directly or indirectly affects prices. • Don’t discuss what your company plans to do in geographic or product markets or describe in detail your relationship with particular customers or vendors. • No Bashing! Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  5. Please sign in on the log sheet at the entrance • Has your company paid 2014 dues?If you’re not sure, please be sure to check with an Officer at the entrance. Paid member companies are also available on our website for your easy reference. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  6. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  7. Retail Link News Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  8. Today’s Agenda Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  9. Upcoming Events Monthly Chapter Meetings • Be sure to check our website for: • upcoming Chapter Meeting dates & agendas. SubGroup Meetings • Be sure to check our SubGroup Calendar on our website for dates and details • Schedules.xls Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  10. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  11. Are you receiving our nwaRLUG email communications? Be sure to add us to your SAFE SENDERS LIST within your email client. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  12. FYIHidden Videos Section on our website We have posted the video of our October 2011 Chapter Meeting: Flow of Goods Process | Minimizing DC Overage/Shortage Claims to our website. Easy way to get to the site: There is a javascript code which will ask for a password (PW = nwaRLUG Member). This script will only run if you are allowing scripts to run on your browser. If it can’t run or you enter an incorrect PW, then you will go back to our homepage. The easiest way to make sure this is allowed is to do the following… (Below is a screenshot of where you need to change options so that the hidden page will open. Be sure to UNCHECK the “Require server verification (https:) checkbox and then add: to your Trusted Sites list. Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  13. Text Questions to Cell • If you are not comfortable asking your question in front of everyone during the meeting, please feel free to text your question to: 479-685-3934 • Any question sent via text will be asked on your behalf Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  14. WebsiteTechnology Resources The Technology Resources is a repository of links to information, tips & tricks, MS Office add-ins, and resources for various software product offerings we know of... all restricted, of course, to helping us in our day-to-day analysis of data. This is a great jump-point for us, and we are excited to have it. If you have anything to add, please send links and info to Featured links: • A PDF to help you get IE 8 to work with Retail Link • Wisdom Analytics – Offering Free Retail Link Downloader Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

  15. Supplier Knowledge Internet Portal (SKIP) Sept 2014 Chapter Meeting

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