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Understanding Your Business Culture

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Understanding Your Business Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Your Business Culture. Highly effective Business Culture: . Results in improved Business Profits. Business Culture. The way we do things here. How is your Business C ulture?. Business Culture. Business owners would like a culture of: A high level of accountability

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Understanding Your Business Culture

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highly effective business culture
Highly effective Business Culture:
  • Results in improved Business Profits.
business culture
Business Culture
  • The way we do things here
business culture1
Business Culture

Business owners would like a culture of:

  • A high level of accountability
  • Ownership mentality
  • Creative and innovative team that think for themselves and make the right decisions
  • A disciplined team
  • A team to help grow the business
business culture2
Business Culture

Employees are typically looking for:

  • An enjoyable place to work
  • Meaningful work
  • Empowered to do their jobs well
  • Sense of belonging
  • Clear consistent MANAGEMENT.
business culture3
Business Culture
  • The goal of the business leader/Owner is to merge his/her needs and the needs of the employees into one organisational culture.
  • Why is this so essential?
  • The number one driver of highly satisfied ,loyal and engaged customers is the employees, who are the front line to customer satisfaction.
  • Being able to build a high performing business culture is also a major point of difference to your competitors.
  • Highly effective culture=Improved Profits
high performing business culture
High Performing Business Culture

You need to detail what the culture of your business looks like.

What is your purpose?

Why do we exist, the purpose is all encompassing.

E.G Stephen Covey:

Live, Love, Learn and Leave a legacy

high performing business culture1
High Performing Business Culture

Define your Vision.

What is your overarching number one objective?


  • Jewelry store
  • JFK had a Vision of landing on the moon.

Of course having a vision is great but the mission is the pathway to realising your Vision.

high performing business culture2
High Performing Business Culture

Define your Mission Statement:

What are the 4 to 8 critical success factors to achieve the Vision.Examples:

  • We must have an aligned team
  • We must attract and retain the best people
  • We must have outstanding product knowledge
high performing business culture3
High Performing Business Culture

5. We must have a customer first approach

6. We must grow profitably

7. We must be innovative and creative.

8. We must lead with new technology.

The next step is to determine what behaviours we expect?

(Benchmark Behaviours)

high performing business culture4
High Performing Business Culture

The behaviours that we expect form the company Values.

What are the Values that you want to instill into your company?

Trust / Respect / Support / Honesty / Integrity

Structure/ Happy / Reliable / Discipline/ Organised

Achievement / Planning /Understanding

Passionate/ Consequences/ Balance/ Learning

high performing business culture5
High Performing Business Culture

You need to pick 5 to 6 words to make up your core values.


-Structure - Respect

-Discipline - Passion

-Respect - Team

business culture summary
Business Culture Summary
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

You need to make your Culture statement loud and clear and simple so that a 12 year old can understand it.

communication structure
Communication Structure

Fundamental to moving forward is how you communicate your Business Culture throughout the business.

Example of a Communication Structure:

  • Morning Walk
  • One On One meetings
  • Management Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Social.
high performing business culture6
High Performing Business Culture
  • Create your Business Culture and have it clearly defined so a 12 year old understands it.
  • Develop a structured communication plan in your business.
  • Constantly reinforce positive behaviours and eliminate negative or poor behaviour.
  • Do not accept second best in your business always strive to continuosly improve.


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