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Summer Leadership Institute

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Summer Leadership Institute. Administrative “Look- Fors ”: Text Complexity Karen Colarossi, Kimberly Natal, Rose Sedely August 9-10, 2012. Common Board Configuration. Date:. Vocabulary: Complex Text, Comprehension Instructional Sequence, NGCAR-pd, Implementation.

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summer leadership institute

Summer Leadership Institute

Administrative “Look-Fors”: Text Complexity

Karen Colarossi, Kimberly Natal, Rose Sedely

August 9-10, 2012


Common Board Configuration


Vocabulary: Complex Text, Comprehension Instructional Sequence, NGCAR-pd, Implementation

Bell-Ringer: What are the professional development needs for text complexity at your school?

Agenda: 1. Overview

2. Reviewing complex text

3. Resources for complex text

4. Meeting the needs of teachers

5. Action Plan

Learning Goal: Teacher Leaders will understand the role of text complexity as a high effect indicator at their school site.

Benchmark: Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity (CCSS Anchor Standard 10)

“Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.”

Summarizing Activity: Rate how your knowledge about text complexity has changed as a result of this overview.

  • Objective: Teacher Leaders will be able to articulate an action plan for implementation and support of text complexity in their school improvement plan

Homework:Prepare to implement the action plan steps for text complexity at your school.

Essential Question: Why does text complexity matter?

lake county schools
Lake County Schools

Vision Statement

  • A dynamic, progressive and collaborative learning community embracing change and diversity where every student will graduate with the skills needed to succeed in postsecondary education and the workplace.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Lake County Schools is to provide every student with individual opportunities to excel.
  • Lake County Schools is committed to excellence in all curricular opportunities and instructional best practices. This focus area addresses closing the achievement gap, increased graduation rate, decreased dropout rate, increase in Level 3 and above scores on the FCAT, achieving an increase in the number of students enrolled in advanced placement and dual enrollment opportunities and implementing the best practices in instructional methodology.
21 st century skills tony wagner the global achievement gap
21st Century Skills Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Collaboration and Leadership

Agility and Adaptability

Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

Effective Oral and Written Communication

Accessing and Analyzing Information

Curiosity and Imagination

high effect size indicators
High Effect Size Indicators

“The Department’s identified set of indicators on high effect size instructional and leadership strategies with a causal relationship to student learning growth constitute priority issues for deliberate practice and faculty development.”

-Florida Department of Education, 2012


Classroom TeacherHigh Effect Indicators

School LeadershipHigh Effect Indicators

  • Learning Goal with Scales
  • Tracking Student Progress
  • Established Content Standards
  • Multi-tiered System of Supports
  • Clear Goals
  • Text Complexity
  • ESOL Students
  • Feedback Practices
  • Facilitating Professional Learning
  • Clear Goals and Expectations
  • Instructional Resources
  • High Effect Size Strategies
  • Instructional Initiatives
  • Monitoring Text Complexity
  • Interventions
  • Instructional Adaptations
  • ESOL Strategies
why text complexity
Why Text Complexity?

Text complexity is the key to accelerating student achievement in reading.

bell ringer
  • What are the professional development needs for text complexity at your school?
  • Think, write, share
what is complex text
What is Complex Text?
  • How do you identify complex text?
  • How should it be taught in the classroom?
  • How often should it used?
  • Where can your teachers find resources for complex text?
  • What is the plan going forward?
which text is complex
Which Text is Complex?
  • In the folder you will see two text samples- one is complex and one is simple.
    • Read each piece of text.
    • Use the matrix, the “cheat sheet” and your table partners to discuss each piece of text in terms of complexity.
    • Choose the piece you believe is complex- be prepared to support your choice with evidence from the text and details from the “cheat sheet”.
where can teachers find resources
Where Can Teachers Find Resources?

Choose an excerpt of text from Appendix B as a starting place:

Use available resources to determine the text complexity of other materials on our own.

additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Ebsco
    • Lake County Home Page
    • EBSCO
      • lakecounty (Username)
      • lakecounty (Password)
  • DBQ Essays
how often should students be using complex text in the classroom
How Often Should Students be using Complex Text in the Classroom?
  • Students should be interacting with complex texts:
    • 1/3rd of the time by October
    • ½ of the time by January
    • 2/3rds of the time by April
  • Interaction with complex texts should be throughout the student’s day and across disciplines.
what do teachers need to know to be successful with complex text
What Do Teachers Need to Know to be Successful with Complex Text?
  • How to scaffold and support instruction for students.
  • A wide-array of support strategies:
    • Think Aloud strategy
    • Deliberately formatted reading groups: pairs or triads
    • Opportunities for student directed dialogue
    • Organizers to assist and support student questioning, understanding, and reflection
    • Teacher Read Aloud (as needed)
    • Socratic Seminar
    • WICR (AVID) and Springboard strategies
next steps
Next Steps?
  • Literacy Coaches and trained teacher leaders should provide training to all teachers on identifying complex text.
  • Each secondary Literacy Coach has been trained and should deliver NGCAR-PD training to a selected cadre of content area teachers.
    • Teachers who participate should use the NGCARPD training as their IPDP and lesson study lesson.
  • Reading Endorsed/Reading Certified or CAR-PD trained teachers should be provided training on implementing complex text through the Comprehension Instructional Sequence.
    • Teachers who participate should use the CIS training as their IPDP and lesson study lesson(s).
  • Elementary Teachers should be trained in the Comprehension Instructional Sequence.
    • Teachers who participate should use the CIS training as their IPDP and lesson study lesson(s).
action plan
Action Plan
  • Consider the professional development needs at your school.
  • How will you implement, or support implementation of identifying and utilizing complex text training at your school?
  • How does it fit into your school improvement plan?
  • Who will you work with first?
  • When will training occur?
  • Who will assist and support?
  • Who will monitor and how will that look?
rate yourself
Rate Yourself

On a scale of 1-4 (one low, four high) rate yourself on your comfort level with understanding what you need to do to plan for implementation of complex text in your school.