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Grove (Paranoia ): Leadership Summer Institute 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Grove (Paranoia ): Leadership Summer Institute 2010

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Grove (Paranoia ): Leadership Summer Institute 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grove (Paranoia ): Leadership Summer Institute 2010. Only the paranoid survive Andrew Grove, Intel Immigrant, CEO, Chair of Board Experiences through 1990s. Only the paranoid survive Andrew Grove, Intel Immigrant, CEO, Chair of Board Experiences (in Only the paranoid …) through 1990s.

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grove paranoia leadership summer institute 2010
Grove (Paranoia): LeadershipSummer Institute 2010
  • Only the paranoid survive
    • Andrew Grove, Intel
    • Immigrant, CEO, Chair of Board
    • Experiences through 1990s
Only the paranoid surviveAndrew Grove, IntelImmigrant, CEO, Chair of BoardExperiences (in Only the paranoid …) through 1990s
grove s forces affecting institutions
Grove’s Forces Affecting Institutions
  • Competitors
  • Complementors
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Potential customers
  • New businesses and business paradigms
10 x force grove
10 X Force -- Grove
  • A 10X force …
    • A change larger than business is used to
    • E.g., Wal-Mart comes into small town
  • 10X forces In education?
    • What if someone showed up & provided training and education better, faster, and cheaper than community colleges?
    • Are there examples of 10X forces we experience?
grove s strategic inflection point
Grove’s Strategic Inflection Point
  • A 10X force triggers change. A company (or college, or person) adapts and survives -- or not.
vertical organization
Vertical Organization
  • Former structure of computer industry was vertical
  • Products made by one company -- and did not work with products from another company
  • This shifted to horizontal by around 1995
horizontal organization
Horizontal Organization
  • Multiple companies compete via same products
  • Products usable on other company’s products (e.g., Adobe software on Macs and Windows)
  • How is education organized?
higher education vertical or horizontal or stratified
Higher Education: Vertical or Horizontal -- or Stratified?
  • To extent credits earned in one institution cannot be used at another -- vertical
  • To extent that credits are “portable” (transferable) -- horizontal
  • In many ways -- education is more horizontal than vertical
  • But it is often depicted in stratified, hierarchical way
education changing
Education -- Changing?
  • 20% of CC students may come from baccalaureates -- 600,000 students nationwide
  • The stratified model may not reflect “swirling” patterns of student enrollment
education changing1
Education -- Changing?
  • Strategic inflection points moved computing from vertical to horizontal
  • What points put pressure on education?
  • How have those points -- and how will they -- make education change?
  • Consider -- h.s. in college, college in h.s., Bacc in CCs, etc.
grove s tips for leaders
Grove’s Tips for Leaders
  • Involve all levels of organization
  • Middle management & front line staff often see changes first -- snow melts on the periphery
  • Listen for signals vs. noise
  • Pay attention to Cassandras
  • Let chaos reign -- then rein in chaos
grove s tips for leaders1
Grove’s Tips for Leaders
  • Use data, but …
  • Use intuition too -- data show what “has been,” strategic inflection points show what is coming
  • Note strategic dissonance -- are your actions different that what you say?
grove s tips for leaders2
Grove’s Tips for Leaders
  • Change while you and team are strong
  • Change fast
  • Experiment regularly
  • Use vision and goals to get through the Valley of Death when hit by a 10X force
  • Use strategic plans and strategic actions
  • Adjust to the new
  • Things WILL change