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Template HTA General Assembly November 12 – 13, 2013. Martin Richter, Fraunhofer EMFT. Project Idea: Tumor therapy EU call: PHC 12 - 2014) New therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases.

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HTA General Assembly

November 12 – 13, 2013

project idea tumor therapy eu call phc 12 2014 new therapies for chronic non communicable diseases

Martin Richter, Fraunhofer EMFT

Project Idea: Tumor therapyEU call: PHC 12 - 2014) New therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases

Project Idea short description:Development of a drug delivery system for tumor therapy, which can deliver small amount high concentrated cytostatica directly into the tumor tissue

Short Description:the system can deliver volumes of 15 µl of drugs with an accuracy of better 3%. The flow would be monitored by capacitive sensors. Silion micropumps with a stroke volume of 80 nl drive the drug. A integrated safety valve avoids free flow. Safety electrode can detect pump failure, valve leakage, air bubbles. The system is running stand alone for 4 weeks, the dosing profile can be changed remote controlled by the medical doctor.

IP situation and commercial viability: Fraunhofer EMFT holds several strong patents in the field of micropumps and micro valves technologies. Furthermore, a patent for the microdosing concept has ben submitted. A Fraunhofer alliance has already built up first demonstrators.

Potential Applications / Applications:Therapy of (up to now) inoperable tumor tissues in the final state of a tumor desease. Furthermore, the drug dosing system can be used in other applications like pain therapy, therapy of diabetes, hormone therapy. The system can be mounted outside the body with a canuelae or as a short time implant (4 weeks).

Potential Consortium/Competences needed: Company 1: medical device company; company 2: pharmaceutical company; company 3: MEMS fab; company 4 (or institute): electronic development

tudos dr ug delivery system
TUDOS drug delivery system


Dosing unit with micropumps

Flex electronics

Assembled demonstrator


Micro dosing for cancer treatment

Tumor therapy: challenges

Small volumes:

Micro dosing with micropumps

Dosing accuracy:

Small dead volumes: near to tumor, implanted

Dosing profile to be controlled by doctor:

system control, control unit

tumor therapy with micro dosing
Tumor therapy with micro dosing

Micro dosing for cancer treatment



TUDOS Concept of Micro Dosing

Detection on meniscus movement

Failure Detection

Bubble separation

Used for cycle control

System Electronic