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Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry ( Employee Self-Service)

Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry ( Employee Self-Service). Agenda. ESS/MSS Overview Absence Reporting Report Absences No Leave Taken Half Day Absence request Full Day Absence request One Week Absence request Employee Best Practices Review A bsence S ubmissions

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Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry ( Employee Self-Service)

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  1. Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry(Employee Self-Service)

  2. Agenda • ESS/MSS Overview • Absence Reporting • Report Absences • No Leave Taken • Half Day Absence request • Full Day Absence request • One Week Absence request • Employee Best Practices • Review Absence Submissions • Frequently Asked Questions • Additional Resources

  3. Welcome What is HRS? • UW System's Human Resource System (HRS) • An integrated system for all human resources, benefits and payroll operations for UW System • Went live on April 18, 2011 • TL/AM – Time & Labor / Absence Management • Full implementation of Employee & Manager Self Service 2012/2013

  4. What is ESS/MSS? Employee Self-Service, or ESS, is an HRS capability that enables employees to report time worked and/or leave electronically, which is then sent to a supervisor for review and approval online. Manager Self-Service, or MSS, is an HRS capability that enables supervisors to review their employee’s electronic time and absence entries for validation and approval online.

  5. Benefits of ESS/MSS • Improved time and absence reporting transparency for supervisors and employees. • Increased management in time/absence entry for supervisors. • Minimized duplicate time & absence entry from a paper form to the online form. • Reduced paper timesheets and paper leave reports • Secured method to enter time and absences.

  6. Who are Considered Unclassified? Employees paid on monthly basis: • Faculty • Academic Staff - Instructional • Academic Staff - Non-Instructional • Limited Appointments (i.e. Directors, Administrators, etc.)

  7. Absence Reporting Considerations • You must establish a standard work week for reporting purposes. • Your official schedule should total 40 hours per week (pro-rated for part-time) including: • Classes • Office hours • Other regularly scheduled obligations • Time for research or other self-directed work required by your appointment. • Default schedule for all unclassified employees is Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. • With the approval of your supervisor you may file an alternate schedule. • A leave report is due monthly, regardless of whether any leave time is used during the month.

  8. Absence Reporting Whether you are a new or existing employee, it’s important to recognize that: • Sick leave, vacation and personal holidays are important elements of the UW System total compensation package. • Accountability for proper leave use and reporting are essential to ensure the on-going availability of these valuable benefits.

  9. Earned Leave – Twelve-Month Employees • Full-time, twelve-month employees earn 22 days (176 hours) of vacation per year. Institutional guidelines concerning unused vacation carryover provisions vary, as do departmental guidelines. • Thirty-six hours per year of personal holiday leave are granted. You have until the end of the fiscal year to use them or they are lost. • Nine legal holidays • NOTE: If you are employed on a part-time basis, your leave time is pro-rated consistent with your percentage of employment.

  10. Types of Leave • Sick Leave (UNC) • Vacation Leave (UNC) • Personal Holiday Hours (UNC) • Vacation Carryover Hours (UNC) • ALRA (UNC) Processed through the payroll office only • Legal Holiday Hours – Not reported by Employee • Leave of Absence – Processed through the payroll office only. • Sick Leave Hourly (UNC) DO NOT USE. Note: UNC means Unclassified

  11. Reporting Time Away

  12. Reporting Leave • Each division/department will continue to use its current method of “requesting” an absence. • HRS’ ‘Request Absence’ screens are used the same as “reporting absences” on your leave sheet and should be updated as they are taken for best work practices.

  13. Login to My UW system • Located on For Faculty and Staff > My UW System

  14. “Reporting” Leave • Click on ‘Enter Absence’ in the ‘TIME AND ABSENCE’ box • No more paper leave statements! (Except for past missing ones.)

  15. Reporting Leave Employee Self-Service (ESS) Enter No Leave Taken

  16. Absence Name: No Leave Taken Where do I go to report an absence?

  17. Absence Name: No Leave Taken (Cont’d)

  18. Absence Name: No Leave Taken (Cont’d) How to enter “No Leave Taken” for the month: Follow the 4 steps below: • Start Date: Enter the first of the month that you are reporting for (Ex. 10/1/2012, 11/1/2012). Both the start and end date (if it pops up) should be the same. • A Basis (12 month employee) set to the first day of the month. • If new to the position this month, enter your first day (Hire/Transfer Date). (Hint: Use calendar button to select date) 2. Absence name - “No Leave Taken” 3. End Date: Enter the first of the month that you are reporting for again. The End Date must equal the Start Date (use the first day of the month). 4. Click the Submit button and Confirm. *NOTE: Filter by Type – (Field is not used)

  19. Example: No Leave Taken (Cont’d) • Select “No Leave Taken (UNC)”

  20. Complete Form and Submit (Cont’d)

  21. Example of No Leave Taken

  22. Reporting “Half Day Absence” Employee Self-Service (ESS) Enter Half Day Absence

  23. Reporting Absences – Half Day Example • Enter Start Date • Select appropriate Absence Name: • Screen will change based on type of absence taken

  24. Completed “Request Absence” for a Half Day leave Enter: 1. Start Date 2. Absence Name 3. End Date 4. Entry Type (Click Down Arrow) (Select Hours Per Day) • Hours Per Day (Appears) • Enter Number of Hours (Fill in Hours Per Day Box; Do Not Touch Duration Box) 7. Click “Calculate End Date or Duration” 8. Click “Submit”

  25. Example of Entering Full Day Absence Employee Self-Service (ESS) Enter Full Day Absence

  26. Reporting Absences – Full Day Example Enter Start Date and Absence Name. Then complete the rest of the fields before clicking “Submit”. For one Day: Enter Start/End Date the same “Duration” field should default to ‘8’ after “Calculate” button is clicked Be sure to click “Submit”

  27. Example of Entering Half Day Absence Employee Self-Service (ESS) Enter Full Week Absence

  28. Example of Full Week Entry Before Submission One week Monday – Friday Do not include Weekend Clicking “Duration” calculated 40 hours Click “Submit”

  29. Absence Management Supervisor/ Chair/Manager Approval

  30. MSS Absence Approval • Sign into ‘My UW System’. my.wisconsin.edu to enter your Portal site • Login using user name and password • Locate the ‘Manager Time and Approval’ box. • A list of employees with absences ready for approval will be seen by clicking on the ‘Absence’ tab. • Only employees who have entered absences will be listed. • Click on ‘Approve Absence’.

  31. Manager Time and Approval

  32. Reported Absence Approval • This will bring you to the ‘Absence Requests’ screen. • The list of employees and requests changes based on the “*Show Requests by Status” selected. Default status is ‘Pending’ • All Staff (Classified/Unclassified) appear • To review and approve an absence request, click on the employee’s name. This opens a “Request Details” page. • Click on the appropriate action to take on this request (Approve, Deny, or Push Back). • Approve – Verify the employee has enough leave time available • Deny – Not to be used at this time • Push Back – Used when the date/time/type requested does not match prior approved request

  33. “Absence Request” Page

  34. “Request Details” Page

  35. APPROVAL PROCESS Employee – Verification & Push Back

  36. Employee – Verify Absence Approvals • Check for Absence approvals at My UW System • Verify all absences have been ‘Approved’ • Reworkshows an Absence was “Push Back”

  37. Handle a “Push Back” • Click Enter Absence • Towards the bottom is View Absence Request History • Click the Edit button to the far right on the absence that says “Push Back”

  38. Edit the Absence • Change what was incorrect and resubmit

  39. Employee Best Practices • Enter Absences as taken – After the fact! • ALL absences must be entered and approved by supervisor by the 5th day of the next month • Be sure to post a “No Leave Taken” using the first day of the month • All absences must be submitted or sick leave will be reduced • Communicate to your supervisors if you are unable to enter absences • Take your time and be patient • NOTIFY HR and Payroll of any/all Supervisory changes! • Contact your Payroll Coordinator to record any leave without pay transactions.

  40. Supervisors Approval Best Practices • Approve Absences as submitted (weekly) • Approve ALL absences by the 5th of the following month • Approve Absences after the fact only! • Work with employees to correct errors • Approvals are necessary so employees’ leave is correct • Take your time and be patient • NOTIFY your Payroll Coordinator of any/all Supervisory changes!

  41. When to Request Assistance from: Audrey Beckwith, Payroll Coordinator - COOP-Extension. Sreekumari Nair, Payroll Coordinator - all other Divisions. • Missing an Employee? If you are unable to see one of your employees, email your Payroll Coordinator. • Not Sure on Approval? If you are unsure about anything regarding absence approval, please email your Payroll Coordinator.

  42. FAQ’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Frequently Asked Questions

  43. Will HRS Warn Me If I Do Not Have Enough Leave Left? • HRS will NOT warn you if you do not have enough leave. • Current balance for a particular leave type is displayed on the Absence Request Page when requesting an absence. • Link on the Absence Request Page titled ‘View Absence Balances’ which displays available hours for each of your leave types.

  44. How Do I Report Legal Holidays? • Legal Holidays are loaded for all Unclassified Employees by the UW Service Center the month following the legal holiday, to align when other leave is reported by employees. • For example, the Memorial Day holiday will be loaded in June, before the June payment is processed. • Employees do not report leave for a Legal Holiday. • Managers do not need to approve the Legal Holiday absence. • When UW Service center loads Legal Holiday, it will be automatically approved. • Balances will adjust if there is a change in FTE.

  45. What is the difference between Floating Holiday and Personal Holiday • Paid holidays which occur on a non-scheduled work day currently noted as a Floating Holiday, will be treated as a Personal Holiday. • The HRS Payroll System recognizes the term Personal Holiday hours for all hours taken as Personal Holidays or Floating Holidays.

  46. How are Legal Holidays Counted If I Work an Alternate Work Schedule? • Full-time, twelve-month pay basis employees earn 8 hours of holiday time for each paid holiday. • If you work four 10-hour days/week, you will need to make up the additional 2 hours of time during the remaining week or take 2 hours of vacation on the holiday.

  47. How do I Report Leave If I Work Part Time? • If you are a less than full time Unclassified employee, your time is reported according to your work schedule. • If you are a less than full time Unclassified employee, your time is reported in actual time in increments of quarter hours.

  48. Why do I Have to Report the First Day of the Month for “No Leave Taken”? • It is the UW Service Center policy to use the first day of the month for the Start Date and End Date for “No Leave Taken”. • The End Date must be equal to the Start Date.

  49. What If I Have a Missing Leave Report at the End of the Fiscal Year? • Reduction of Sick Leave Accrual for Failing to Report Monthly Absences. • If you fail to report your absences for one or more months during a fiscal year, your sick leave balance may be reduced at the end of the fiscal year. • Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10 http://www.uwsa.edu/hr/upgs/upg10.pdf

  50. What Happens to My Unused Vacation at Termination? • Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees are entitled to be paid for any unused vacation, personal holiday and ALRA upon termination from eligible UW Extension employment. • Supervisors, however, have the right to require the employee to use the vacation prior to termination (provided there is sufficient time to do so). • All monthly absences must be reported and approved by your supervisor before any leave payout is done. • Payment for unused paid leave may be made as a lump sum or by extending the employee on the payroll – at the discretion of the department.

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