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The Bonus Army March: PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bonus Army March:

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The Bonus Army March: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bonus Army March:

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  1. The Bonus Army March: A Report To the Commission on Public Safety A Webquest By Brian Wendell Photo:

  2. Introduction It was the summer of 1932. Walter Water’s had led an “army” across the United States to Washington D.C. to collect to what amounted to a bonus that was promised them for fighting in World War I. Unfortunately, the US was in its third year of a Great Depression and really didn’t have much money to give out. Besides, the “bonus” was not due until 1945. When no money was received by the marchers, violence broke out and the US Army used force to push the veterans out of Washington.

  3. Task You have been appointed Director of an investigating committee to find out what really happened during that summer in the nation’s capital. Who was this Bonus Army? What did they want? Why did President Hoover order the physical removal of the marchers and their families? Or did he? What part did General Douglas have in this event?

  4. Process You will investigate the following sources of information and draw your report from them. You will create a two page written report to present to the House Committee on Public Safety. Your report may be given orally or through a multi media presentation. In your report, include the who, what, when , where, and, why strategy to fully inform the House committee.

  5. ResourcesThe following sites will lead your investigation to information needed to complete your report. Photos of marchers. A great starting point for information. Good informational site from a fellow student. Great information about President Hoover including some quotes. Site from the National Public Radio, includes some newsreel. PBS site about General MacArthur’s role in the incident.

  6. Resources Continued from the Library of Congress. site that provides general information on the event. Some good photos and summaries. A site that supports the veterans. Read with caution. Has some really good documents to look over. Another link to photos from the Library of Congress. The following slide includes a evaluating rubric for your presentation. Use it to help you create your paper.

  7. Oral Presentation Rubric : Bonus Army March Report Date Created: Feb 01, 2006 07:13 am (CST) To view information about the Privacy Policies and the Terms of Use, please go to the following web address:

  8. Conclusion After completing this webquest, you should have a better understanding of the events in Washington DC that summer of 1932. Some events have obvious causes and outcomes while others don’t. The Bonus Army March is one of those events. By investigating this event, you should have formed an opinion on the outcome of the March and decided if the marchers were justified in their demands or the US government was using its authority legally and without lawlessness. Could something such as the Bonus Army occur to day? What factors must exist before another event like this could happen? This webquest covers: CCS: 11.5.1, 11.6.2,3