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Junior Class College Advisements PowerPoint Presentation
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Junior Class College Advisements

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Junior Class College Advisements
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Junior Class College Advisements

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  1. Junior Class College Advisements 2019 Mr. Lopez Lead Counselor

  2. Table of Contents • Remind 101 – Sign up! • Mr. Lopez VS Ms. Trevino • Standardized Testing • College-Match Programs • College Application List • Application Portals • Letters of Recommendation (LOR’s) • College Essays • Cycles of Admissions • Financial Aid 101 • UTRGV Americorp • Extracurriculars • Mr. Lopez’s Info

  3. Juggling Act • Junior Year • TESTING TESTING TESTING TESTING • Diploma Program – why?!?!?!?!?! • Home School Prom • IB Prom • Beefcake • Powder Puff • And everything else…

  4. REMIND 101 • Here is how to join! • Enter the number 81010 • Students: Enter the message @2021tau • Parents: Enter the message @tauparents • Academic Reminders! • Free food! • College Visits!

  5. College VS Academic Counselor • Mr. Lopez = College & Scholarship consultations • Anything college & scholarship related • As your college counselor, I will be writing, if needed, a letter of recommendation on your behalf. • Developing your college list! • Summer internships! • Anything college and scholarship related! • Ms. Trevino = Academic consultations • Anything academic planning related. • Socio/Emotional Counseling

  6. Your “School” • You belong to your home school! • Lamar Academy is a building housing two programs! • With respect to testing and college applications, you must indicate your home school! Indicate your home school for: • AP/IB Exams • SAT/ACT/SAT 2 Exams • College Applications

  7. Standardized Testing • This PSAT • https://www.nationalmerit.org/s/1758/interior.aspx?sid=1758&gid=2&pgid=424 • SAT / SAT 2 VS ACT (FEE WAIVERS!) • This is really a good time to thinking about the testing you will commit to for your college applications. • https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/inside-the-test/compare-new-sat-act • STARR – US HISTORY • IB testing if you plan to SL • AP testing if you plan to challenge

  8. Standardized Testing - Honors • AP Scholar • AP Scholar with Honors • AP Scholar with Distinction • Etc… • https://apscore.collegeboard.org/scores/ap-awards/ap-scholar-awards/

  9. College Match Programs • Questbridge • https://www.questbridge.org/

  10. College Application List • Ideally, I like to see students have anywhere between nine to twelve schools. The list is broken up into “Safety” “Target” “Reach”categories. • Safety Schools: Your academic profile far exceeds the quantitative profile of typically admitted students. • Target Schools: Your academic profile falls within the middle quantitative profile of typically admitted students. • Reach Schools: Regardless of your academic profile, the selectiveness of these caliber schools are unpredictable.

  11. Application Portals • There are two main application portals to submit your college application. • Apply Texas • Common Application • The other two lesser used application portals are: • Coalition Application • Universal Application • Most notable difference: ESSAYS!

  12. Emails to use to add Mr. Lopez to your application portal • ROWE: rowecounselingib@gmail.com • MCHI: mchicounselingib@gmail.com • MEMORIAL: memorialcounselingib@gmail.com • OPTIONS: optionscounseling@gmail.com • DO NOT USE eduardo.lopezjr@mcallenisd.net OR lopez@iblamar.org

  13. Letters of Recommendation • As your counselor, I will write an analysis of your character for your college applications. All you have to do is ask. • Most schools will need two letters of recommendation. • I suggest you get your academic teachers to do this. • You must approach your teacher with a resume to ensure they have all the tools needed for this process. • You must ask in person. You must discuss your resume with your recommender. • You must give your recommender at least two weeks. • Know that your recommender can say no!

  14. College Essays • You control your college essays. • For reach schools, your essay is a huge factor in the admissions process. Remember, reach schools have hundreds if not thousands applicants who are ranked 1st and 2nd, but the deciding factor could be on how your show your ability to be reflective. • You need as many people to read your essays as possible. I’m happy to read your essays as well.

  15. College Visits – On and Off Campus • I highly, highly, highly encourage you to visit colleges! • College Reps visit happen in the College Center! • It allows you to get a feel for the campus and see if it’s a good fit! • Juniors & Seniors get two (2) excused absences for college visits! • Best time to visit colleges are during your time off! • Spring Break • Thanksgiving Break • December break • Summer!

  16. Resume • A resume is a living document that highlights who you are and what you have done during your time as a high school student! • Highlighting your IB “ness” • Showcase your MYP Certificate • Showcase your personal project • Highlight your SL’s / HL’s • Highlight your AP courses and challenged exams • Start now! Just get a Microsoft Word Document and just keep a running list of: • What you did. • What organization did you do it with? • How long was the event?

  17. Cycles of Admission • Early Decision: Early decision plans are binding — a student who is accepted as an ED applicant must attend the college • Early Action: Early action plans are nonbinding — students receive an early response to their application but do not have to commit to the college until the normal reply date of May 1. • Single Choice Early Action: nonbinding option under which applicants may not apply ED or EA to any other college. • Regular Decision: Standard application deadline with a notification around mid-March & April • Rolling Decision: As soon as your submit your completed application, the college will notify you of your admissions decision as soon as possible.

  18. Financial Aid 101 • FSA ID: This is the ID you will use to complete your FAFSA. • FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), this is the application your will submit for colleges to generate a financial aid package. • CSS Profile: This is another financial application that selective colleges (mainly private schools) use along side the FAFSA to generate a financial aid package. • TAFSA: This is an application for non-documented students. Non-documented students will not be eligible for federal aid.

  19. EC’s – In School • Be involved! If possible, run for office! • Start a club • Get a prospective list of members! • Make your rules for the club! • Get a time table of when you will meet! • Brainstorm ideas on topics and activities! • Get a faculty sponsor! • Get the approval from Ms. Nino! • At the end of the day, be passionate!

  20. EC’s – Out of School • Everything counts! • Be involved and be passionate! • NHI • Scouts • Religious Organizations • Camp Camp

  21. Extracurricular’s (EC’s) • Be passionate about what you do! • Lead in your passions! • Be consistent and involved in your passions.

  22. GPA / RANKS / Transcripts • Grade Point Average (GPA) is on a 100 point scale • Ranked with your home school! • MYP = 10 extra points per semester • AP / DP = 13 extra points per semester • Rank only counts core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) – don’t blow off the other classes b/c they appear on your transcript • Transcript is your high school academic history! • Semester & Average is shown

  23. QUESTIONS? Thank you!