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ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive: Long-term S ecure Archiving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive: Long-term S ecure Archiving.

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ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive:

Long-term Secure Archiving

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive provides secure, long term storage, recovery and eDiscovery system that assures compliance with regulatory requirements established by IRS, HIPAA, SOX and SEC. Email has taken over faxes and phone calls as the leading communications platform and the importance of keeping a record of all the email communications is catching the scrutiny of local and federal government. As we use our mailboxes as filing cabinets that contain a ton of business information, ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive provides a fast and secure environment to store, process and index your entire mailbox and keep it accessible for years.

Compliance and eDiscovery

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive is built from the ground up for fast discovery of information - across the organization or just one user’s mailbox. Locating a message or attachment with important information is critical to your productivity and the technology is sophisticated and standardized to sustain even the heaviest of scrutiny in court.

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive assures you that none of your messages have ever been tampered with, deleted, or otherwise modified. Microsoft Exchange journaling technology automatically copies every message that enters your system - incoming, outgoing and internal - to ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive. This will give you full confidence that all of your mail is indexed and searchable from a single secure web site.

Unlike similar solutions, ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive does not use MAPI connections or external proxies that exclude internal messages - so you will never have to deal with the cost of recovering data from offsite backup services, tapes or old servers.

Long Term Archiving Benefits

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive was designed to be affordable and scalable. With functionality that is provided on a per user basis.ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive uses the latest Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server technology to archive, index and replicate your messages safely and securely. All data is further encrypted and backed up offsite to assure ultimate resiliency in case of a disaster. Compliance Archive has flexible long-term archiving that is available in per-year policies up to 10 years.

Corporate Oversight

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive also provides administrative search and discovery for the entire organization. By enabling managers and business owners to search their staff communication, this provides for additional oversight and making sure any problems are addressed as soon as possible.

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive also provides search templates, giving you the ability to quickly locate any messages that may contain personally identifiable information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. You also have the ability to save those searches.