e in e e electrotecnology in energy environment n.
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E in E&E Electrotecnology In Energy & Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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E in E&E Electrotecnology In Energy & Environment

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E in E&E Electrotecnology In Energy & Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E in E&E Electrotecnology In Energy & Environment
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  1. E in E&EElectrotecnology In Energy & Environment Prof. Dr. Adel M. Sharaf, P.Eng, SM IEEE UNB, ECE-Department, Fredericton, NB, Canada

  2. Electrotechnology Applications of Electrical engineering in process industries and Environmental pollution abatement Systems& Devices with specific concern to 1. Electrical Energy Efficiency and Conservation 2. Renewable energy (Wind, Photovoltaics, Fuel Cell, Small hydro, hybrid,…..) utilization and use in Remote/Isolated Communities. 3. Applications of Electromagnetic and Electrostatic fields in stabilization, Disinfection, Odor control, Gaseous absorption, failure, Anomaly detection using Eddy Current Mapping/Scanning techniques.

  3. 4. Application of AI-Soft Computing technologies (ANN, Fuzzy, Nenrofuzzy and Genetic Algarithms 5.Electric Grid Utility Systems Voltage and Frequency FACTS-Stabilization, Security and Power Quality PQ Enhancement

  4. Methodology & Approach 1. Creation of Student Innovation Club (SIC) 2. Green Environmental student competition 3. Joint Interfaculty Engineering & science research Collabration using Senior thesis projects & Co-supervision of Graduate students 4. Joint process Industry and Electric utility sponsored Value-Added research. 5. Short-Term business & Process Industry Consulting services-office (CSO) 6. National and International Collaborative Research Centers Research links, Bi-lateral International Agreements.

  5. 7. Focused Applied Research in the following key areas (1) Electricity Power/Energy Saving Devices (2) Fast Fault Detection and Relaying Protection Schemes (3) Harmonic Mitigation and Power Quality Enhancement (4) Applications of Ripple orthogonal Pulsating Electromagnetic & Electrostatic fields in (a) Germicidal control, sterilization, and Disinfection (Water, Milk, liquids, Hospital, hazardous waste,…) (b) Zeolite-Enhanced Gaseous-adsorption/Odor control and filteration Muffler systems.

  6. (c) Air Filteration & Disinfectant systems (d) Efficient Electrotechnology based heating (Resistive, inductive, arc,…) systems 5. Renewable Hybrid dispersed standalone and Grid-interconnected electric energy supply systems using wind, small hydro, photovoltaics, fuel cell, Micro Gas turbine, hybrid Systems. 6. Intelligent Electric Arc Fire Detection Relaying schemes using harmonic FFT finger printing and Electric Signature Analysis ESA tools.

  7. 7.Large Electromechanical Vibration/torsional systems Monitoring and anomaly/failure/fault Detection using ANN-Based nonlinear pattern recognition mapping and transformations wavelets, short FFT, Inverse cosine, temporal Statistical and Abudtion technologies. 8. Active Noise Cancellation in Roads & Buildings 9. Intelligent Fuzzy logic based decision Making Software. 10. Applications of Ground Resistance scan and Electromagnetic field penetration Mapping in personnel land-Mine detection & Archeological site detection

  8. Dr. A. M. Sharaf Current Research 1. The Green Plug & Smart power Filters and Energy Misers 2. Wind-Utilization 3. Photovoltaic Utilization 4. FACTS Based stabilization Devices (EM/EM/ES) 5. BioFilter 6. The Electric-Foot-Generator (EFG) 7. Arc Fault-HIF Detection 8. Zeolite-Gaseous Adsorption